My Week- November 10-16, 2014

Good morning all! This week is a big one: it’s DUE DATE WEEK!  Our Baby Girl is due on November 13 and I can’t wait to meet her!


Happy Planning!


Quick Tip- Home Repairs Wish List

There are always things one is wishing they can fix immediately when you are a homeowner. ALWAYS. So, I keep a small running wish-list of our big ticket items that we want to repair/purchase/work on around the house. It’s gotten smaller in the last couple years (we are very thankful!) but there are always those few pesky things…


Hilariously, for some reason, I misspelled “dining” next to chandelier. It looks like “ding”. And then I attempted to add an “n” which did not work. Sigh. Didn’t want to rewrite it… :/

Happy Planning.

Pens- Micron 01 Pen Set

Who doesn’t love a new set of pens?! Not me. 🙂

I got these pens off ebay (very quick service, a great seller) for my Bible Study. Having recently discovered Crayola Twistables for my highlighting and marking, I still needed something really fine-tipped that wouldn’t bleed through the very thin pages of my Bible.


They come in a clear case, which is nice.


Both ends has an indicator of the color of ink. Originally, I thought the set came with two red and two black – for a set of 8 that’s only 6 colors. But happily I was wrong! There are 8 colors and they write beautifully:


These are PERFECT! Couldn’t be happier.

Happy Planning!

Sticky Notes- Fancy Utensils Notes

In keeping with the cooking theme, I couldn’t resist these tasteful and elegant “Utensil” themed notes. A set of three, with a very fancy edge/border, in great colors and a perfect size for my personal Filofax. I love them!


How fun are they?! Can’t wait to use them. I honestly can’t remember where I found them…


Love the colors and the “wood grain” print.


And those edges are so unusual.

Happy Organizing.