Washi, Washi, Washi: Foil Edition, Part 2

Here are the rest of the Foil Washi I purchased- these ones definitely have a “St. Patrick’s Day” vibe to them as I’m always a sucker on the lookout for seasonal themed items. 🙂 Enjoy the pretty, shiny pictures!

Shamrocks, Hearts & Arrows…



Roses & Stripes


The new Foil Collection. Go get some!



Happy Organizing.


Washi, Washi, Washi: Foil Edition, Part 1

I’m aware that I’ve got a washi problem. As in, I don’t know if I have any self-control when it comes to those gleaming, adorable, printed-in-any-pattern-and-texture-you-can-imagine rolls…. I have Way. To. Many. And I don’t think I could part with a single one. Sad (pathetic, really), but true. I won’t even tell you how many I’ve got, let’s just say they have their own home in my desk area! 🙂

And I of course have now discovered Foil Washi. How did I not know about this wonderful marvel before now?!?! So pretty! Shiny. And Sticky. And Functional. And Fun! So I’m now going to delight you with some photos of my new washi. (Links to Etsy seller is at the bottom of this post!)

Gorgeous Mint, Black & Silver…




Gold & Peach (This is on some of my April pages- what a great color combo!)


More to come of the Foil Edition. 🙂

Fantastic store, wonderful product, and amazingly fast shipping. Very pleased! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThatWashiTapeGirl

Happy Washi-ing. 🙂

Washi- Unexpected Uses

The other day Mr. W and I were out to dinner- we chose one of our favorite places which is like an old-time drive-in malt-shop type place. We actually chose to eat our dinner in the car, which we’ve never done before! We ordered so much food that we couldn’t finish, which is saying something these days. 😉

We asked for a to-go box, and it was just a bit small for the food we needed to fit… Soooo- washi tape to the rescue! I always keep an on-the-go stash in my Filofax, so I whipped out one of my washi travel cards and sealed our leftovers. Even Mr. W was impressed.


Happy Planning!

Rainbow- Traveling Rainbow

When I travel I take supplies of my goodies with me (you can check out details here and here) but I never realized how much the Rainbow has taken over even that! I’m a sucker for things that come in a “rainbow” set- sometimes I even find I don’t love the product that much, I just “had to have it” because of the whole set! Sheesh…

The washi tape is NOT like that. I still can’t get enough and find that I can think more clearly and find what I want more quickly when things are organized by color-


All ready to be used! And all these sticky tabs/notes are so fun… this was just taken on the go when I was on a trip- honest, I didn’t plan it!


So there you have it. Traveling Rainbow. 🙂

Happy Organizing.

Washi- Animal Prints

Todays washi show-and-tell is the traditional rice paper washi tape;
tearable, re-usable and slightly transparent.

I’m showing you my new Animal Print washi!


They are awfully fun and I got them for a steal.
Don’t you think the red nails are matching these?! Lol.
The brand of tape is “Little B” and I found these in a random store in NYC. Sorry!
I have Zebra, Cheetah, Leopard and Snakeskin.

Here is a bit in my Filo…


I thought the Cheetah kind of went with my Thanksgiving scheme… this was taken in November.


I’m sure these will be visited frequently in the New Year.

Happy Organizing!


Washi- Paper Printables

In keeping with this little mini-series on Washi, another form that I use OFTEN is printing out cute things and then sticking them into my Filofax. While technically this isn’t “Washi” in the traditional sense, it’s still a decorative stick-in and a very cost effective way to get cute things you otherwise wouldn’t use. And you can create your own! I got these digital washi tapes from a free online download last month during Thanksgiving time:


Of course, they’ve been cut out already in the this pic. I then lined them up on the table how I wanted them to look when pasted into my Filo:


And then I stuck them in!


Looking so cute- and you can do this with any print, any size, for any reason.


Here is the other little guy with one of my Thanksgiving Snoopy stickers:


You can layer two for this look! This is a new idea even to me, and I’m hoping to use it a lot more when I need a color or pattern that I don’t have in an “actual” washi tape.

Happy Washi-ing. 🙂


So fun!

Washi- Glitter Tape

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I’m trying a new series these days (well, relatively new…) to introduce you to some of the washi I’m using. The next few days will be the “kinds” of washi I use in my Filofax: and being as it’s Christmas Eve, we’re starting with the Christmas version of glitter tape!

I found these at Michael’s in the Christmas section and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I’ve so enjoyed looking at this bit of sparkle and pattern over the last month…


Soooooo pretty!



They look amazing on the roll and even better in my Filofax.

Here is the Gold Stripe:


I decided to cut them in half length-wise to make the strips thinner and chose patterns (there were about 8 total!) that I knew would look good doing this. I wanted thinner pieces…

The Red & Silver Dot:


And the Snowflakes!


Merry Christmas!