All Things Gold…

There is a new craze going around (well, perhaps not so new, but new to me!) that involves lots of pretty, shiny, Gold things. I like. 🙂

So, I bought myself a can of Gold spray paint (Rustoleum) and proceeded to Gold-ify a few things on my desk… I love how they turned out!

I taped off a small square vase to use as a pen/pencil holder:


So pretty and fun! I also did a disgustingly ugly old pair of scissors I had, and painted them Gold- LOVE the new life it gave them!


I then painted a Melissa & Doug wooden tray that my nieces left here from one of their fun toy sets…


How perfect is that for an inbox?! And I got really smart and painted the bottom of my boring, grey post-it dispenser. GENIUS!!!!

IMG_4240 IMG_4241

I also change the paper under the plastic top of this often- changes the look of the dispenser for a holiday, the season, or just because you want something that looks great with your post-it notes. 🙂

Happy Gold-ing!


Washi- Paper Printables

In keeping with this little mini-series on Washi, another form that I use OFTEN is printing out cute things and then sticking them into my Filofax. While technically this isn’t “Washi” in the traditional sense, it’s still a decorative stick-in and a very cost effective way to get cute things you otherwise wouldn’t use. And you can create your own! I got these digital washi tapes from a free online download last month during Thanksgiving time:


Of course, they’ve been cut out already in the this pic. I then lined them up on the table how I wanted them to look when pasted into my Filo:


And then I stuck them in!


Looking so cute- and you can do this with any print, any size, for any reason.


Here is the other little guy with one of my Thanksgiving Snoopy stickers:


You can layer two for this look! This is a new idea even to me, and I’m hoping to use it a lot more when I need a color or pattern that I don’t have in an “actual” washi tape.

Happy Washi-ing. 🙂


So fun!

Thrifty Filofaxing-

There is a fantastic website out there called she has some of the cutest and simplest free printable designs I’ve seen! I wanted to use some of the fun shapes and pictures in my Filofax so downloaded them and then cut them out to be used as stick-in notes. Here are her Teapots:


How cute are they?!?! Seriously. Free!


Printed out… even with handy-dandy cut lines already on there for you…


I used my exacto Pen knife to cut out the tiny hole next to the teapot handle!


Whip out some of your cutest washi tape and TA-DAAAAAA!


Again, for free. 🙂

She has other great shapes as well- flowers:


Old-fashioned jars:


(anyone feeling ready for Fall after looking at those?!…)

I keep a few of each on a homemade envelope in the front of my Filofax.


Cuteness awaits. 🙂

Happy Organizing!


Thrifty Filofaxing- Clear Pockets

Who doesn’t love having “extra” room in their Filofax to store random things? I used them for stamps, washi tape, stickers, and various other things I find myself needing or using on a daily basis.

Enter the genius (and thrifty version!) of Filofax pocket pages.

Now, I’m certainly not the first person in the Filofax world to have come up with this idea. That said, everyone has their own individual way of creating an envelope/pocket that they use in they planner and this is just the way I do it; partly because it’s using materials I have on hand. And partly because this is the most useable version of an evelope/pocket for me.

I started with a clear pocket in A5 size. I like the idea of using the thin plastic because it also means that the bulk of the thickness of the pocket will be from the stuff I cram inside it– not the material the pocket itself is made out of.  Just my personal preference.


Grab yourself a ruler, a permanent pen and some scissors. Using a template (I’m using my dashboard in this photo) trace the outline of the size of pocket you want, making sure one side is the “closed” (sealed) side of the pocket:


Then cut! This is tricky as this plastic is slippery from being so thin. Be careful when cutting- make sure it’s as straight as you can get it, but it doesn’t have to be perfect:


And if you messed up a bit, no worries! We are now going to cover the “open” edge of the pocket with washi tape and also using the template, punch your holes!


And that’s it! Now you have a fantastic, thin, disposable, usable, accessible and FREE pocket for all kinds of goodies:


Happy Organizing!


Thrifty Filofaxing- Fancy Paperclips

There are all kinds of clips out there now for stationary lovers. And Filofax users! While I can’t say that I use them all that often, I wanted to make a few of my own with some of the stashes of paperclips and ribbon that I had on hand. I know I’m not the first person out there to try this, but these are my versions and I thought you might like to see them!

Here is the original clip with ribbon that I made into my pattern- to figure out how they made the ribbon stick out so cute like that!


I found a whole bunch of large paper clips in my stash (I think some found their way to my desk via Mr. W’s stuff) and I could see immediately what I wanted to do!


Scissors, ribbon and my glue gun…


Here are some Halloween/Autumn colored ones:


…here are a few “anytime” color combos:


…And these guys are for Christmas time! I’m excited to put them to use. 🙂


Happy Organizing!


Thrifty Filofaxing- Paint “Leaf” to-dos

I hope you are all enjoying the “Thrifty Filofaxing” series- it has really stretched my imagination and my pennies! Next up are these:


Anyone recognize these?! They are the new paint chip samples from Behr used in their display at Home Depot. Such a fun shape!!! Especially as Autumn has arrived… leaves… 🙂


Pretty colors too… One of the fun things about paint chips is that I am inspired by different colors at different times of the year- in the Spring and Summer I like bright and bold colors, and in the Autumn and Winter I like warm earth tones, and then cool pastels for January and Feb. So fun to change it up! Each one is fun and unique.

So I got out the washi, stickers and pens:


Aren’t these hippos having a blast?


Added a little wash tape, a cute sticker and my list:


And stuck into my planner! Perfect size.


I’m really looking forward to using more of these.

Happy Organizing!


Thrifty Filofaxing- Autumn Page Dividers

As you may have already seen I did a post here about the way I’ve found to make a today marker “page” and then change it out for seasonal reasons… today I’m showing you how I made a couple sets for my favorite time of year- Autumn! I can’t wait to change things out in my Filofax to feel like Fall… photos & ideas to come!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these stickers. First of all, they are small and there are plenty that come in a pack. I appreciate when a company gives you enough stickers on one page that you don’t have to buy three items just to have enough to last you through a couple seasons. Sigh. Anyway, I also love that they are sparkly AND epoxy- my favorite kind of sticker! I like that it gives the sticker some dimension, but doesn’t have quite the bulk of some of the puffy stickers out there. While cute, I’m not a fan and find that those puffy ones are just too thick for my tastes.

These stickers were destined for an Autumn-themed flyleaf page!

IMG_3549 IMG_3548

Got to choose a great paper for the Halloween theme I’m going for to match the Candy Corn.


Here it is- so fun!

And here is the set (Dashboard page and flyleaf)


Loving these! Can’t wait to stick them in.

And here is a lovely Autumn Leaves set I’ve made and am excited to be using in my Filofax. Come November, this will be so great!


Be creative- make your own… Happy Organizing. 🙂