All Things Gold…

There is a new craze going around (well, perhaps not so new, but new to me!) that involves lots of pretty, shiny, Gold things. I like. 🙂

So, I bought myself a can of Gold spray paint (Rustoleum) and proceeded to Gold-ify a few things on my desk… I love how they turned out!

I taped off a small square vase to use as a pen/pencil holder:


So pretty and fun! I also did a disgustingly ugly old pair of scissors I had, and painted them Gold- LOVE the new life it gave them!


I then painted a Melissa & Doug wooden tray that my nieces left here from one of their fun toy sets…


How perfect is that for an inbox?! And I got really smart and painted the bottom of my boring, grey post-it dispenser. GENIUS!!!!

IMG_4240 IMG_4241

I also change the paper under the plastic top of this often- changes the look of the dispenser for a holiday, the season, or just because you want something that looks great with your post-it notes. 🙂

Happy Gold-ing!


Quick Tip- Home Repairs Wish List

There are always things one is wishing they can fix immediately when you are a homeowner. ALWAYS. So, I keep a small running wish-list of our big ticket items that we want to repair/purchase/work on around the house. It’s gotten smaller in the last couple years (we are very thankful!) but there are always those few pesky things…


Hilariously, for some reason, I misspelled “dining” next to chandelier. It looks like “ding”. And then I attempted to add an “n” which did not work. Sigh. Didn’t want to rewrite it… :/

Happy Planning.

Sticky Notes- Fancy Utensils Notes

In keeping with the cooking theme, I couldn’t resist these tasteful and elegant “Utensil” themed notes. A set of three, with a very fancy edge/border, in great colors and a perfect size for my personal Filofax. I love them!


How fun are they?! Can’t wait to use them. I honestly can’t remember where I found them…


Love the colors and the “wood grain” print.


And those edges are so unusual.

Happy Organizing.


Tags- Recurring Reminders

Hello everyone!

When I was compiling all the details into my Filofax that I wanted to include for my 2014 calendar, I realized that there were several irregularly occurring tasks I needed to find a better way to remind myself of. Such as:

Message Michelle
Call Bryce
Skype with Em

These are all people that don’t live near where I do, therefore I want to be reminded to be in touch with them regularly- but not necessarily every week. Enter: the Tag!

I knew I wanted something unobtrusive- that wouldn’t distract me from my essential tasks and would also not take up much room on my pages. After designing them, printing and cutting them out, I started putting them into my week at intervals of every 4, 5, or 6 weeks.

Here is the first:


Love the teeny tiny coffee cup on there! Here is another:


And the one for Bryce:


A nice cappuccino on that one… 🙂

The whole page here:


I love the very small size (definitely made cutting them all out a bit of a challenge!) but I love the result. A clean, clear and unobtrusive tag to remind me occasionally about these random tasks.

What do you think? I love them too. 🙂

Happy Organizing

Quick Tip- Movie Reminder

Whenever I want to add something to my calendar but either don’t have the pages in my planner or am unwilling to commit to the _actual_ act of writing it down on a date, I stick a little reminder card at the back of my weekly pages. This one is for movies that I want to remember. I used to do a  full page for these, but we don’t really have all that many we want to see these days and I just have a few that I want to keep track of.


Handy, right? I put the name of the movie and the release date.

Happy Planning.

Lists- Autumn Stick-in Lists

I made some smaller lists with some leftover bits of scrapbooking paper I had lying around. I mean, what’s a girl to do when you have adorable Fall/Autumn/Halloween stickers that are dying to be used and cute paper?!

This. 🙂

So fun!




As you can see some are harvest and some are Halloween.
Both fun.

Happy List-Making!