My Beautiful A5…

I miss using her… she is so beautiful!


I just can’t justify using two planners- especially not these days with everything else I carry around!


I’m hoping that someday I’ll find a special use for it, but until then I’m using her today to make a list. Sigh. So pretty….


Happy Monday!


The Blog post that started it all…

It was about 2 years ago, almost exactly, that I first was bitten with the Filofax bug. And I’m going to share with you the blog post that started my addiction with Filofax, planning and binders in general. Many of you have probably already read this exact post, but if you haven’t it’s a fun read and loads of drool-worthy Filofax pictures.

A Bowl Full of Lemons.

I love the blog, and this post was magical for me.

(the photo that made me want this exact Filofax)

And I found the EXACT Filofax in a great shop in NYC- I was there for work.


I must have went in 3 different times to look at it, hold it and open and close it.
I decided to take the plunge.

IMG_1035 IMG_1037

Now, while I don’t use this planner much anymore, I still think it’s as beautiful as the day I first saw it and I will never get rid of it. I had to switch to Personal size for portability reasons (the great debate, for all of you Filofax lovers out there…) but I am still trying to think of ways to use this beauty. I find it isn’t practical for me to use two planners- everything needs to be in one place in order for me to actually get any planning out of a planner.

Sigh. But I still love her….


Happy Planning!

Introducing- Blue Finsbury

I’d like you to meet the newest member of my Filofax Family: The Personal Blue Finsbury. And I love it! I have the yellow and raspberry and am a huge fan of the Finsbury model of Filofax. I love that it holds it’s shape (the Malden, while I love the feel of the leather, is a little floppy for me.), I love the grain of the leather, and I’m a huge fan of the set-up of the pockets. I would eventually like to have all the colors! (Mr W, don’t panic, no plans to purchase more at this point…) 🙂 AND I got this in a trade- I had a Kingfisher Blue Metropol, but just didn’t gel with it…


Hellooooooo…… 🙂


Open, I’m planning to use this during January. Can’t wait to fill her up!



So many pockets/card slots in the Finsbury. I use them all..


Back, inside.


The back. You can see the slight aquamarine color in this photo… It’s hard to capture the exact color of some of these binders. They change a bit depending on the lighting! I’ll get her all fixed up and post a pic.

Happy Organizing.


Quick Tip- Movies

When Mr. W and I are in the mood to go to the movies, the most frustrating conversation used to take place.

“What do you want to see?”

“I don’t know, what’s out?”

“Hmmm… I think that one about the horses/aliens/family…?”

“You want to see that? What else is on?”

“Oh, that new Comedy… I can’t remember the name…”

“Is that this weekend, or next?”

“I’m not sure… what day is it?”

And, etc., etc., etc…… You get the idea. You see a movie trailer you like. You think, “I’m DEFINETELY going to remember the name of that one!”. But you don’t- and you forget that it even comes out in the theater! Sheesh.

So I created a little cheat-sheet for the movies we mention we’d like to see, AND their release dates so we can plan our bi-monthly trips to see the movies at the top of our list and when they are also in the theater. Nice. 🙂


Happy Organizing!


Introducing…. Finsbury Yellow! (Sunny)

There’s someone I would like you all to meet. Her name is Sunny. 🙂


Isn’t she beautiful?! Mr. W bought her for me first as a “mistake”… he simply didn’t know the different sizes of Filofax and I was using an A5 when I first started filofaxing. So I ordered the A5 in Yellow instead. And just wasn’t feeling it- I know you all understand. I couldn’t stop thinking about the amazing size and feel that Sunny had when I held her. So I made the decision to switch to Personal size, called her back home, and the rest is history! I LOVE this Filofax- the color makes me so happy every time I pull it out, I love that Mr. W knew me better than I knew myself (really, nothing new about that! He’s amazing.), and I love that it holds it’s firmness. She doesn’t really lay flat, but that doesn’t bother me.

Open the front to my current dashboard:


The yellow makes all the rest of my color pop, and I love that!


Inside front pockets:


Rainbow tabs for all my life sections!


The back- I don’t use it for anything yet:


So there you have it; Sunny!


Happy Organizing.


Introducing: Finsbury Raspberry!

While I’ve been loving using the Saffiano, I was ready to change it up and had a new friend just waiting to be used… Here she is:


Such a great color and I love the feel of the Finsbury. Not as soft as the Saffiano, much firmer, but I like that they hold their shape despite what I stuff inside.


I added a pen loop to the back on a clear flyleaf so I can get two pens in there.


This is my decorative dashboard page- I decided to do a separate one for each of my Filos to match the inside with the outside. I also have a plan to do something seasonal with these as I’m a sucker for all things like that… Here is the whole front view:


And the front pockets, which don’t get all that much use yet-


And finally the clear floater page that I make for myself. I’ve come to love this as I can still pretty much see my whole week in a glance, but also can stick on important notes, lists, bits of info to the most-used part of my calendar and keep things all together.


So there she is! Looking foward to using her and enjoying this divine color. I actually started my whole Filofax addiction/obsession with a beautiful A5 Raspberry Finsbury that I don’t really use for anything right now but don’t think I could bear to part with. It changed my life for the better! So now I have one in the color I love in a size that works for me and my life.

Happy Organizing.