My Beautiful A5…

I miss using her… she is so beautiful!


I just can’t justify using two planners- especially not these days with everything else I carry around!


I’m hoping that someday I’ll find a special use for it, but until then I’m using her today to make a list. Sigh. So pretty….


Happy Monday!


Pinterest- Binder/Planner Board

In addition to my Printables Board, I also have a Binder/Planner board with all kinds of fun things. Check it out, and please add and share your own Pinterest finds!

This is an idea I totally tried recently…
follow the directions in the photo or you don’t end up with a heart!
(not that it happened to me… :/)


Happy Pinning!

The Blog post that started it all…

It was about 2 years ago, almost exactly, that I first was bitten with the Filofax bug. And I’m going to share with you the blog post that started my addiction with Filofax, planning and binders in general. Many of you have probably already read this exact post, but if you haven’t it’s a fun read and loads of drool-worthy Filofax pictures.

A Bowl Full of Lemons.

I love the blog, and this post was magical for me.

(the photo that made me want this exact Filofax)

And I found the EXACT Filofax in a great shop in NYC- I was there for work.


I must have went in 3 different times to look at it, hold it and open and close it.
I decided to take the plunge.

IMG_1035 IMG_1037

Now, while I don’t use this planner much anymore, I still think it’s as beautiful as the day I first saw it and I will never get rid of it. I had to switch to Personal size for portability reasons (the great debate, for all of you Filofax lovers out there…) but I am still trying to think of ways to use this beauty. I find it isn’t practical for me to use two planners- everything needs to be in one place in order for me to actually get any planning out of a planner.

Sigh. But I still love her….


Happy Planning!

Tags- Reading Accountability

Although I have LOADS of books that are on my “to-read” list at any given point, I sometimes can’t remember what I’m currently reading, or what I decided I want to read next. Initially, I made duplicate copies of the cover of the book I’m reading and stuck them into my weekly pages for a few weeks until I’d be done reading it. Then I realized how much extra work I was making for myself.


A pile of unnecessary book tags…


I decided that having ONE copy of the book cover and re-using it every week made way more sense than sizing, printing and cutting out numerous copies of something that would eventually go in the trash anyway! Silly me. :/


This time I started the same way- sized the cover and printed out a single copy. Then I laminated the copy (well, you know- packing tape) and stuck it into my weekly divider (a trimmed down Project Life divider). So now I can just move it ahead each week until I’m done reading! Makes much better sense, is more efficient and accomplishes the exact same task. These are all the covers of Diana Garabaldon’s “Outlander” series (no, I haven’t read them):


Stuck onto my divider:


The rest of the book covers waiting at the beginning of my “Personal” section, on a piece of tape so they can be removed easily:


Happy Reading!

Mondays with OperaGirl- September 15, 2014

Happy Monday!

Good morning everyone. 🙂

I’m sitting at my desk in the sunshine today, basking in the late summer warmth that is SO uncharacteristic of this time of year in the Northwest. We’ve had the longest, hottest summer I can remember. I’m not complaining, but I really love Autumn (no, really?!) and am looking forward to when the air gets crisp and cool. For now, I’ll enjoy my homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte- of which I’ve found the perfect recipe!- and continue pretending it’s fall out there… with my AC blasting.

Here’s my spread today:


The Malden looks as great as ever, and so do all the Fall touches: apples, football, wood grain washi, and of course pens…


I don’t think these are really for me- the tip is too blunt/wide and I can’t seem to write quickly and maintain the ink flow. I write quickly. :/


Apple stickers from Michaels- they come on a roll which is so fun. I don’t feel like I have to hoard each one, and decorated several new to-do lists and have loads left over. My favorite kind of sticker.


Football post-its- hooray! Love these things. 🙂

And you’ll NEVER guess where I found myself last night…
At Office Depot.
With Mr. W.

Yes, you heard me correctly. He is excited about trying out this new format and I am stunned and elated that I might be of some help to him using this baby! It’s a Franklin Covey zip close, and close to the Filofax A5 size with a vertical week on 2 pages- his must-have format. I’m thrilled. 🙂


Our Filofaxes are going to be fast friends….


Happy Monday Planning!


Sticky Notes- “Beautiful in it’s Time…”

This sticky note set was- wait for it, – on sale!!! My favorite kind of purchase.


Here is the bi-fold booklet:


Very springy. And the verse is so great! Here is the inside:


Even prettier! I love the faint prints on some of them- the tone-on-tone. It means you can still write and read the writing, but makes them a little fancier. Fun. 🙂

Up closer:




And the large pad:


Love the text:


And here is one inside my Filofax:


A great reminder on a lovely sticky note.

Happy Organizing.