My Beautiful A5…

I miss using her… she is so beautiful!


I just can’t justify using two planners- especially not these days with everything else I carry around!


I’m hoping that someday I’ll find a special use for it, but until then I’m using her today to make a list. Sigh. So pretty….


Happy Monday!


Favorite Things- Filofax Hunting

One of ALL our favorite things is tracking down new places to see, touch, smell, and generally bask in the glow of new and different Filofax Binders. And I am no exception! With the frequent traveling I do, I came up with a clever way to try and see whatever the local stores carry in way of Filofax. Especially since I don’t have any physical stores near where I live. Never fear!
Here is what I do. 🙂

First, I visit the Filofax USA website and scroll to the bottom where you click on “Find Retailers” and it takes you to a window. Then, I enter the zip code of the place I’ll be staying- whether a residence, a work address, or a hotel. And finally- voila! The search produces a list of nearby retailers with a rating (Gold, Silver or Bronze), an address, and phone number. And THEN I do this:


An itinerary, you say?! Why would I want to see that? No- look closer:


At the bottom of my schedule are the two Filofax retailers nearest my hotel.
Whoo hoo! Fun times.

This was my list for New York- soooo many!


I highly reccommend visiting Paper Access if you’re in NYC;
fantastic paper-lovers store!


So, the next time you’re taking off to a new city for any reason, give the Filofax website a visit and find out if there are going to be any goodies near you.

Happy Shopping!

Favorite Things- Mr. W

There is of COURSE an entire section of my Filofax devoted to the man I am devoted to- my husband. And he of COURSE falls under the category of “Favorite Things”!
Now, he is plenty organized on his own and has his own calendar system. This section is entirely for me and my  stuff to remember or plan that involves him. Here is a guided tour:


The opening page is a great quote I love and a love note he left for me on – of course! – a post-it. I love it, so laminated it and now it’s permanently in my Filofax.


The page opposite has some sticky notes and a quote by Robert Browning- “Grow old with me…”

Next is a travel page for Mr. W- I keep track of his flights for me; so I know when he’s flying here and there.


And on top of that page I’ve stuck a little note with a list of the movies we’d like to see. This is an edited version of something I designed earlier- I just didn’t need a whole page for this list; only a small note stuck in with some washi.


I like the way this washi looks. 🙂 At this point I only have a couple groups in this section- they come and go as I need/want them.


Projects is anything I’m working on or want to remember with regards to my Man.
Like this “Gift Ideas” page, so I can remember things I think would make great presents. It’s a secret, sorry!!


And finally, a small post-it with a note regarding the books we want to try and read together. I like to be sure I’ve written down the ones he says he wants to read too.


And that’s it! Hopefully you got some ideas to organize things about your special someone. 🙂

Happy Organizing!


Rainbow- Me & Martha

I did a previous post about the wonders of the paint chips that Martha Stewart has in her line of paints at Home Depot- and I just had to show you the 3-fold brochure that started the Rainbow:


Are you ready??!


Rainbow Bliss!!

There are sooooo many colors here, and I can’t tell you how fantastically she has organized this- you can see at a glance all the shades in her line, and all the wonderfully inspiring names that go with each.


Run on down to Home Depot and get yourself a “Key” to the Martha Stewart Paint line; you will know exactly what color you’re looking for in a snap!

Happy Organizing!

Favorite Things- Instagram & Filofax

Many of my fellow Filofax lovers out there use Instagram. In fact, that’s how most of you probably heard about this blog! I love looking at all the great pics that my friends take of what they’re doing with their creative impulses and ways they organize their life.

I also love that I can use Instagram to photo-document my life. I take loads of pictures of where I am, places I visit, things I see, people I love, and all kinds of random photos that illustrate my life. Shouldn’t that be some kind of coined phrase Instagram uses: “Illustrate your life with Instagram…”
Well anyway, I like it. 🙂

And here’s another thing you might like- did you know that you can make STICKERS from all your Instagram photos? No? Well read on, dear sticker-and-Instagram lover, read on!

I don’t remember where I first heard about it, but the website that does this is called “Printstagram”. Of course. Clever! The website looks like this:


And here’s a close-up of the booklet with stickers:


All you have to do is sign in using your Instagram account info- they need to access your photos. You choose the ones you want to use for stickers, finish your order, and then a week or two later- you have THESE beauties to use!


Those are my nieces. How adorable were they?! This pic was from last Christmas. Love!


A Gorgeous view of outside our window.


The page view. So fun! And totally fits in a Personal sized week-view Filofax.

Another thing I found with my Instagram pics is that my husband (the most thoughtful man on the planet…) buys me flowers. A lot. And I take pictures of all of them! So NOW I get to enjoy the flowers he’s given me over the last year or so over and over again:





All these flowers are decorating my February pages… so like I get flowers every week during that month! 🙂 And here are the cookies I made last year, just to make you drool…


These stickers are excellent quality, affordable, plentiful, and completely personalized to YOU and your life.

Happy Sticker-ing!