Washi, Washi, Washi: Foil Edition, Part 1

I’m aware that I’ve got a washi problem. As in, I don’t know if I have any self-control when it comes to those gleaming, adorable, printed-in-any-pattern-and-texture-you-can-imagine rolls…. I have Way. To. Many. And I don’t think I could part with a single one. Sad (pathetic, really), but true. I won’t even tell you how many I’ve got, let’s just say they have their own home in my desk area! 🙂

And I of course have now discovered Foil Washi. How did I not know about this wonderful marvel before now?!?! So pretty! Shiny. And Sticky. And Functional. And Fun! So I’m now going to delight you with some photos of my new washi. (Links to Etsy seller is at the bottom of this post!)

Gorgeous Mint, Black & Silver…




Gold & Peach (This is on some of my April pages- what a great color combo!)


More to come of the Foil Edition. 🙂

Fantastic store, wonderful product, and amazingly fast shipping. Very pleased! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThatWashiTapeGirl

Happy Washi-ing. 🙂


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