Tags- Reading Accountability

Although I have LOADS of books that are on my “to-read” list at any given point, I sometimes can’t remember what I’m currently reading, or what I decided I want to read next. Initially, I made duplicate copies of the cover of the book I’m reading and stuck them into my weekly pages for a few weeks until I’d be done reading it. Then I realized how much extra work I was making for myself.


A pile of unnecessary book tags…


I decided that having ONE copy of the book cover and re-using it every week made way more sense than sizing, printing and cutting out numerous copies of something that would eventually go in the trash anyway! Silly me. :/


This time I started the same way- sized the cover and printed out a single copy. Then I laminated the copy (well, you know- packing tape) and stuck it into my weekly divider (a trimmed down Project Life divider). So now I can just move it ahead each week until I’m done reading! Makes much better sense, is more efficient and accomplishes the exact same task. These are all the covers of Diana Garabaldon’s “Outlander” series (no, I haven’t read them):


Stuck onto my divider:


The rest of the book covers waiting at the beginning of my “Personal” section, on a piece of tape so they can be removed easily:


Happy Reading!


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