Lists- Doodlebug Design Stickers

If you haven’t heard of Doodlebug designs, get thee online and check them out!

Doodlebug has some of the cutest and cohesive collections (see what I did there with the alliteration?!) that I’ve seen as far as scrapbooking and paper products. They match their paper to the washi that goes with stickers, inserts, and pretty much anything and everything that you can find to colorfully and creatively decorate just about anything. And their seasonal stuff is exceptional. 🙂

I found some great Doodlebug stickers and couldn’t resist making a few new to-do lists. I’m trying harder these days to not hoard my cute stuff for “someday”, but instead use it and enjoy doing so. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a load of cute stuff? Here they are:







The borders come on a separate sheet from the stickers and are so fun- you can also buy sets that are sparkly, holiday themed, or other themes (jungle, back to school, etc)

Find some Doodlebug cuteness and go nuts!



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