Meal Planning- New insert design

I’ve been hemming and hawing for a while about getting back into meal planning. It saves me SO much time and aggravation at the grocery store- and most especially at home in the afternoon/evening when I am faced with the question so many of us face, “what’s for dinner?”. And unless I’m strategic about making a plan for a meal AND the required ingredients, I’m usually in a panic or just can’t find the energy to care. Sigh.

A new way to plan was in order, and it’s really been working for me! I am still trying to use my monthly magnetic meal-planning board to give myself a weekly overview (and to ensure we don’t eat chicken 4 days in a row, Mr. W loves his red meat…) but breaking it down into a weekly list that is visible on my weekly pages has helped so much with the weekly shopping and daily planning of meals. I love color and I love Miss Tiina (check out her stuff!) and shamelessly copied a few of her ideas and colors for my weekly meal plan stick-in. I printed them out small so I could fit several on a page:


Love the size and colors!


And they look fantastic and fit amazingly into my Personal size week at a glance:


Voila! Weekly rainbow and meal planning, sorted. 🙂

Happy Planning.


3 thoughts on “Meal Planning- New insert design

  1. Where did you get them from? I’m new to the filofaxing world and would really like a section to keep track of my meals and plan my meals as well, your post on it looks amazing!

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