Mondays with OperaGirl- Monday, September 1

Happy Labor Day!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Filofax and blogging lately. Trying to decide which direction I want to take the Blog and how much time I want to devote to it… I really, truly, love everything that relates to my planning life. I’m never tired of dreaming up new ways to improve my productivity and streamline my organization and planning. I am always delighted by the tips and hacks I find online, on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and from my own imagination. So I’ve decided to keep blogging and keep sharing my ideas. Hopefully, there are a few of you out there that will still enjoy some of the new things I’ve dreamt up (or borrowed and made my own!).

(the view from my desk recently)

Happy Holiday weekend, and Happy Planning!



One thought on “Mondays with OperaGirl- Monday, September 1

  1. I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep blogging! I don’t often comment, but I almost ALWAYS find inspiration on your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you tell me where you got your week-on-two-pages calendar? I’d like to try that size out to see if it is too small. ๐Ÿ™‚

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