Mondays with OperaGirl- August 11, 2014

Hello everyone!

Things have been more than a little crazy in our home for the last several months. And for once it’s nothing to do with work!

We are expecting a little girl in November. Yay! Loads of pink, nursery painting, clothes, decisions and doctors appts have been dominating our free time. I HAVE been using my planner loads during these busy months, but haven’t made the time to blog about most of them. If you follow me on Instagram (@operagirlusa) then you’ll be keeping up a bit. But otherwise, let me give you a quick overview of some of the new fun stuff in my Filofax. 🙂


First off, I’ve been meal planning again. Not only does it save us money, but I feel more calm throughout the week as I already know I have all the ingredients for a dish on hand and an idea for dinner each night! If I have to decide “on the fly”, I usually end up panicking and buying loads of stuff or eating crap instead of cooking. Having a plan is SOOO much better:




Love this half-insert that I designed.
I stick it in the weekly pages in my planner and I’ve also started using daily pages- my days are so full and have so many random things I try to get done. I’ve found that there isn’t the room on my weekly pages for all I do in a day, and I loathe looking at my scribblings from Monday and Tuesday for the whole rest of the week. This way my daily craziness is separated from the future planned events that are in my weekly page spread.

Here is a look at my weekly pages:


And here is a look at my daily page. See the spot for meal planning at the bottom? I love this! I can tell at a glance each day what I have planned for dinner. I also really love that I can add fun stickers, decor and tape to these daily pages. I tend to decorate in spurts- do several weeks or months at a time and then they are already “cute” by the time I get to them. Being daily, it also means if I don’t really like what I did, I only have to look at it for one day! 🙂


I also added my clear fly-leaf designed page into the daily pages. I just did this today, as I’m hoping some of those random notes to myself and sticky notes with reminders can go here, rather than covering up something on my week OR something on my daily page. I’m hoping this will be a good solution…


The only other thing that I’ve changed in my planner is a “categorized” to-do list.

This. Has. Changed. Everything!

I now know what I need to be focused on when I sit at my desk.
Or if I’m running errands. Or if I’m in front of the computer.
OR if I’m looking for something fun to do that I finally have some time to enjoy!
You get the idea.

Use what categories work for you- I also carried on the color-coding of sections in my Filofax to help my brain recognize the categories immediately.


Categories for me are:


That’s it for me today- I’m excited to share with you all the new ideas I’ve been cultivating and implementing this summer! I hope you are enjoying some fun and sun, whatever you’ve been up to and I’ll be talking to you soon.


Happy Monday!



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