Favorite Things- Filofax Hunting

One of ALL our favorite things is tracking down new places to see, touch, smell, and generally bask in the glow of new and different Filofax Binders. And I am no exception! With the frequent traveling I do, I came up with a clever way to try and see whatever the local stores carry in way of Filofax. Especially since I don’t have any physical stores near where I live. Never fear!
Here is what I do. 🙂

First, I visit the Filofax USA website and scroll to the bottom where you click on “Find Retailers” and it takes you to a window. Then, I enter the zip code of the place I’ll be staying- whether a residence, a work address, or a hotel. And finally- voila! The search produces a list of nearby retailers with a rating (Gold, Silver or Bronze), an address, and phone number. And THEN I do this:


An itinerary, you say?! Why would I want to see that? No- look closer:


At the bottom of my schedule are the two Filofax retailers nearest my hotel.
Whoo hoo! Fun times.

This was my list for New York- soooo many!


I highly reccommend visiting Paper Access if you’re in NYC;
fantastic paper-lovers store!


So, the next time you’re taking off to a new city for any reason, give the Filofax website a visit and find out if there are going to be any goodies near you.

Happy Shopping!


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