Favorite Things- Books & Reading

As you may already know, I love to read. More than that I love books and all the things that reading and enjoying a story entails! Here is a new quote in the front of that section:


How great is that?! Found it in a notebook and converted it into a “Tag”, laminated it, and stuck it into my Personal section. Love. Yes, I have a whole section in my Filofax devoted to Books, my reading lists/plans and all the ones I’ve read so I can keep track. Here is the main book list:


I realize this is a huge list. I’m working my way through! Love the Rainbow too…


Separate list for my Book Club reads, by month.

These two pages are the back side of the book list where I’ve stuck the covers of the books I’ve already read. They will later be transferred into my Moleskin Book Journal, with a review. I like having a record of the cover as I’m so visually oriented- it reminds me of what I liked/didn’t like about the book.


The right side is the book pages, containing covers of books on my list that I haven’t read yet. Here are more:


The “holes” are where I removed books I’ve read and transferred them over.

So that’s a little tour of one of my favorite things and favorite places in my Filofax- I turn here and peruse the titles when I need to feel inspired to start my next book. Fun times!

Happy Reading. 🙂



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