Rainbow- A-Z A5 Tabs

I use a Personal Sized Filofax, and I love it. However, I still own my Raspberry A5 (where this obsession all began) and while I’m not sure how much I will ever use it full-time, I know I could never get rid of her. She is too pretty!

I have been contemplating turning the A5 into a sort of “Word & Life” Extras binder, as the reason I found I had to downsize was the SIZE of the A5. But the upside of that is how much room there is for information. I’m still deciding. But what I HAVE done is change the A-Z Address tabs into Rainbow tabs… the only way I roll! These are so pretty and will be waiting for me once I make a decision about the A5- I used washi tape to cover the tabs. Why washi?

1. It comes in a myriad of colors.
2. It is removable without a mess.
3. You can write on it.
4. It maintains the durability of the actual Filofax dividers.


LOVING these… I’m excited to dream up how to use them!

Happy Organizing.


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