Quick Tip- Favorite Meals Stick-In

When I’m doing my meal planning, I sometimes feel absolutely lost.
(here’s my meal planning page… cute, but still empty on a couple days…)


I like to vary things up enough that we don’t eat the same things all the time, but also that we get to have our favorite meals often enough. Sometimes I can’t think of any meal AT ALL that I want to make some evenings.. and that’s where this baby comes in handy.
It’s a mini stick-in list of some of our favorite meals:


So, if you often find yourself feeling stumped for ideas, don’t overcomplicate dinner time. Just make one of these and then look what you’ve got on hand. No thinking… although you will have to do the cooking. 🙂

Happy Organizing.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip- Favorite Meals Stick-In

  1. Love it! How did you make it? (What program did you use?). Did you print it out on sticker paper? Also wondering where I can get that meal planner. Did you make it or is there a link? Thanks!

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