Favorite Things- Organizing Paper

I have found that I prefer cutting my own colored paper to use in my Filofax. Not only can I get more choices than what Filofax actually offers, but it is MUCH more cost effective. But storing all these colored papers can be a nightmare! I have come up with a solution that works brilliantly for me and that is also easily accessible, easy to store, and makes sense.

Here’s my system:


Doesn’t look like much, I know, but stick with me! I have loads of A5 sized binders (that’s “half” size) and they fit perfectly on the shelf next to my desk. I have Red, Orange, Yellow & Green paper in the first one and then Blue, Pink, Purple and Misc in the second. Here is how the inside looks:


I use clear pockets and stick all the paper in the color order. Red and Orange are back-to-back in the same pocket…


then Orange and Yellow… ( you get the idea…)


And so on, and so on!

I also file my “other” kinds of paper in the Misc section, following the colored ones…



This coffee one is one of my favorites and I have loads I’ve printed out. 🙂


So there you have it! Now when I’m looking to make a to-do list and know what stickers or colors or washi I want to use or am inspired by, I simply open of the paper binders and see what looks good. Hope you find this useful!

Happy Organizing.



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