To-Do Lists- Dancing Hippos

These stickers are by Sticker King- some of my favorite sets.


Look how much fun they’re having!


I chose a bold paper- just liked the green:


And then let these ladies dance away on there!


I would hope if I was that size I would feel as confident in a tutu, letting it all hang out and having a marvelous time!


Happy List-Making!


Favorite Things- Books & Reading

As you may already know, I love to read. More than that I love books and all the things that reading and enjoying a story entails! Here is a new quote in the front of that section:


How great is that?! Found it in a notebook and converted it into a “Tag”, laminated it, and stuck it into my Personal section. Love. Yes, I have a whole section in my Filofax devoted to Books, my reading lists/plans and all the ones I’ve read so I can keep track. Here is the main book list:


I realize this is a huge list. I’m working my way through! Love the Rainbow too…


Separate list for my Book Club reads, by month.

These two pages are the back side of the book list where I’ve stuck the covers of the books I’ve already read. They will later be transferred into my Moleskin Book Journal, with a review. I like having a record of the cover as I’m so visually oriented- it reminds me of what I liked/didn’t like about the book.


The right side is the book pages, containing covers of books on my list that I haven’t read yet. Here are more:


The “holes” are where I removed books I’ve read and transferred them over.

So that’s a little tour of one of my favorite things and favorite places in my Filofax- I turn here and peruse the titles when I need to feel inspired to start my next book. Fun times!

Happy Reading. 🙂


Rainbow- A-Z A5 Tabs

I use a Personal Sized Filofax, and I love it. However, I still own my Raspberry A5 (where this obsession all began) and while I’m not sure how much I will ever use it full-time, I know I could never get rid of her. She is too pretty!

I have been contemplating turning the A5 into a sort of “Word & Life” Extras binder, as the reason I found I had to downsize was the SIZE of the A5. But the upside of that is how much room there is for information. I’m still deciding. But what I HAVE done is change the A-Z Address tabs into Rainbow tabs… the only way I roll! These are so pretty and will be waiting for me once I make a decision about the A5- I used washi tape to cover the tabs. Why washi?

1. It comes in a myriad of colors.
2. It is removable without a mess.
3. You can write on it.
4. It maintains the durability of the actual Filofax dividers.


LOVING these… I’m excited to dream up how to use them!

Happy Organizing.

Sticky Notes- London Small Flags

I love London- I actually lived there for almost 7 years. So when I continue to see amazing and adorable stationary that is London- themed, I can’t quite help myself. Here is a new find:


The different patterns are so cute. 🙂


Here’s a little reminder, stuck in… and a look at the full page.


Yay for new sticky notes!

Happy Organizing.


Quote of the Week: All in Love

I so often find myself doing things that are all about me- what I want, need, desire, feel justified in, have a right to. Let’s face it: none of us has much trouble thinking of what WE want first. So this verse sits in my Filofax cause it reminds me that it’s NOT always about me.


When you show Love, it’s not about you. It’s about someone else- whether it’s fair, deserved, justified or understood. Show a little love today.

Happy Organizing.


Quick Tip- Favorite Meals Stick-In

When I’m doing my meal planning, I sometimes feel absolutely lost.
(here’s my meal planning page… cute, but still empty on a couple days…)


I like to vary things up enough that we don’t eat the same things all the time, but also that we get to have our favorite meals often enough. Sometimes I can’t think of any meal AT ALL that I want to make some evenings.. and that’s where this baby comes in handy.
It’s a mini stick-in list of some of our favorite meals:


So, if you often find yourself feeling stumped for ideas, don’t overcomplicate dinner time. Just make one of these and then look what you’ve got on hand. No thinking… although you will have to do the cooking. 🙂

Happy Organizing.

Favorite Things- Organizing Paper

I have found that I prefer cutting my own colored paper to use in my Filofax. Not only can I get more choices than what Filofax actually offers, but it is MUCH more cost effective. But storing all these colored papers can be a nightmare! I have come up with a solution that works brilliantly for me and that is also easily accessible, easy to store, and makes sense.

Here’s my system:


Doesn’t look like much, I know, but stick with me! I have loads of A5 sized binders (that’s “half” size) and they fit perfectly on the shelf next to my desk. I have Red, Orange, Yellow & Green paper in the first one and then Blue, Pink, Purple and Misc in the second. Here is how the inside looks:


I use clear pockets and stick all the paper in the color order. Red and Orange are back-to-back in the same pocket…


then Orange and Yellow… ( you get the idea…)


And so on, and so on!

I also file my “other” kinds of paper in the Misc section, following the colored ones…



This coffee one is one of my favorites and I have loads I’ve printed out. 🙂


So there you have it! Now when I’m looking to make a to-do list and know what stickers or colors or washi I want to use or am inspired by, I simply open of the paper binders and see what looks good. Hope you find this useful!

Happy Organizing.