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Having recently discovered the Cocoppa App for my iPhone, I’m delighting in being able to regularly change up my icons for my apps. It’s so much fun! If you haven’t tried it, it’s a free app for iPhone that will allow you to make another “copy” of an app that is sooo pretty and fun! Here is a link to an online tutorial that will walk you through how to do it:


You have to leave all the original apps on your iPhone, but you can store them in a folder that is “hidden”. Here is a look at what my phone currently looks like on the home screen:


(I went with a Mint & Gold Theme- except for my Omnifocus app!)

I wanted a cute way to remind myself to change up my phone when its a new month- I seem to have a thing about changing things up monthly. It doesn’t always happen, but it helps me keep things fresh and fun. So I designed an adorable tag to stick in and remind myself!


***A little note here; creating a tag has as much to do with color and size as it does with FONT. The font you choose is very important! I never repeat a font- each tag (and I have loads!) has their very own font. Get creative and try lots before you decide on the one that is perfect.

Here they are printed out, alongside a couple of other tags I designed…


Cut them out:


Love the new shape!


And stick into my Filofax calendar pages! Here’s a look:


Cute, right? A lovely little reminder for a lovely little app. 🙂


Happy Organizing.


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