Sticky Notes- Kitchen Notes

A wonderful store I’ve been to many times in NYC is called Paper Source- I believe they have them all over. Their products are top quality, beautifully designed and displayed and you can find all kinds of unique and fun products. The last time I was in?

These were calling my name:


This year, one of my goals is to re-create many of the meals Mr. W and I enjoy when we go out to eat… I’d like to be able to cook these “favorite dishes” at home so we can a) save some moo-lah, and b) make it exactly the way we like it in the comfort of our own home! (aka- OperaGirl in her jammies 🙂 ) I think these adorable notes will come in handy with my new menu planner and reminders to track down all those new ingredients!


Opened, this is what you see. A plethora of options, sizes, colors and illustrations! Enjoy the close-ups.







Isn’t that cake stand the cutest?!


Happy Cooking!



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