Weekly To-Do List- Clucking Chickens

This weeks list is brought to you by Mrs. Grossman and her backyard hens. I don’t know why I think these stickers are so cute, but I do!


Fun, huh?! I used a neutral paper, since i wanted the chickens to stand out.


I thought the sticky paper looked a bit like a fence… which totally goes with chickens. 🙂
And the final product:


Keep on clucking!

Happy List-Making.



One thought on “Weekly To-Do List- Clucking Chickens

  1. This is so cute
    Makes me want to break out in song

    “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens
    Ain’t nobody here at all
    It’s easy pickins
    Ain’t nobody here but us chickens”

    Sorry I guess you had to be there
    There is a cooking competion called My Kitchen Rules which is sponsored by a chicken company and that’s the song from their ads that are on during the show
    The ads are great and the song is really catchy

    Thanks for sharing

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