Introducing… Green Original

Good Morning everyone! Today I’m introducing you to the newest member of my Filofax Family: the Green Original. This was a Christmas present from Mr. W and was on my wish list! It’s a beautiful Filofax made of one piece of leather. I love how flat it lies and the color is so bright!


Here is a close-up of the famous “button”:


The inside:


I’ve changed out my washi, decor, and dashboard color for the green. Gotta get in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day!

The front cover has a long pocket, two “credit card” spots, a pen loop, and another loop in the middle. I stuck a card with washi on it in that one.


New dashboard and artwork stick-ins- I love this new coffee one!


And the back inside cover… there is another long pocket that I keep some stickers in, and two more “card” holders. I keep some business cards in the bottom one.


The back of the Original looks almost identical to the front- I sometimes pick it up and try opening it the wrong way. I really wish the little silver bead was covered… just my personal preference.


So there you have it! She’s looking good. 🙂


Happy Organizing!


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