Office Supplies- Things not “Of Filofax”

I am a huge lover of all things Filofax, however, as most of the faithful users of the brand know there sometimes is a lack of variety in product. This is only a problem if you lack imagination (or an Instagram account!) and I’m going to share with you a couple of things I use in my Filofax planner that AREN’T made my Filofax… but should be. 🙂

This little beauty is a Today marker, made by DayTimer. It’s wider than a Filofax “Today” marker, although made out of a thinner plastic- more bendable. It is also opaque, which is nice. I love the width on this- it makes it easier to stick on random notes or pieces of paper during my planning for things I need to remember.


This next one is similar to the DayTimer marker, but is made by Target and the 365 Brand. I think I stole it out of a planner I bought from them ages ago (as most of us planner-aholics do over the years) and just hung onto it as I had never seen anything like it.


The coolest thing about this divider is that there is a hidden “pocket” on it, that I use to store stickers and other misc items that I use to plan, without having to turn to another part of my Filofax to get access to them.


Neat, huh?!

Another frustration I have with Filofax are the number of dividers that they offer. I find there are just not enough for the many areas of my life that I need to separate and organize. Enter DayTimer- their tabs are 12 in a group and I used some of my new (Rainbow!) washi tape that I got off Etsy to cover them and create my own tabs. I love them! These began as A-Z tabs, and I’ve converted them to work for me:


Finally, the last “hack” that I’ve started using is from Project Life, which will not be new information for most of you reading this. If you DON’T know what it is, you’re going to be intrigued- it’s a way of scrapbooking that was created to be simpler, easier to stay caught up on, and mostly comes ready for you to just put together and add your own details. I don’t personally do Project Life, but I love some of their extras- of which this divider is one:


They come in sets and all colors and designs- and they are totally useable in a Filofax! I’m thrilled to have a “cuter” option to use. The DayTimer and 365 dividers are useful, but don’t have the cuteness factor.


So there you have it! A few “non” Filofax items that work great in a Filofax.

Happy Organizing!


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