Pens- Metallic Edits

Good Morning, fair Readers!

I am one of those people that is driven NUTS by having to scratch things out on my planning pages. I know, I know- there are erasable pens out there! I have tried the Frixion pens, and while I love the novelty of being able to erase, the colors available just aren’t as vibrant or varied as I would prefer. I’ve tried numerous things to “erase” all evidence of a schedule change/cancellation/edit and while I’ve come up with several options, this newest one I’m really liking. 🙂

Enter some of my favorite pens: the Silver & Gold Pentel Sunburst Metallic Pens:


I love the way these pens write (they come in another 6 colors as well) and I love the “neutrality” of the metallics… Here they are being used on some of my calendar entries where I had some schedule changes. Rather than just scratch the whole thing out, I was able to attractively “edit” in the new details.


See how that works? I know the hours of the rehearsal aren’t going to change, but when I’m needed at it is different. So I simply added the details above the Main Event and now I know what is relevant to me.


Same thing again- so great!

So there you have it. Find one (or more!) of these great pens…


…and start editing all those pesky changes that invariably happen to all of us during every day of our scheduled lives. 🙂

Happy Organizing!


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