Mondays with OperaGirl- March 10, 2014

Good Morning, fair Readers!

Another Monday and another clean slate of a week. What’s new with all of you? Oh wait, I’m supposed to be the one sharing… well, here’s what my mess around the apartment (I’m away working) has been looking like:


And this:


Spot the two binders there? I’d say that’s been the biggest change to my planning; I’m now a two-binder type of girl!

I always used to think: “How can people use two? I always would want everything in one place.”
Which is still true.
However… I had to face reality and accept that my life simply contains more stuff than can be managed realistically in a Personal Size Filofax. And I don’t want to carry around an A5, it’s just too big for me. BUT- it’s so much roomier for some of my other planning, that I don’t actually need with me all the time. Here is the beauty that started it all;


I love this binder! This is the one I first saw on A Bowl Full Of Lemons blog and then found in a shop in NYC and looked at it about 3 times before finally caving in and getting it. She sat on the shelf for a while, but is now carrying loads of good stuff. Dashboard:



I have a new “Capture” section- that is mainly just for getting all those pesky to-dos out of my brain and down onto paper. I have lots more room in this size and can then sort everything out into more manageable daily chunks.


Don’t have any office storage with you? This is a bowl from my kitchen. Works like a charm! Those are tags for my blog planning… which is the main reason I chose to move into a bigger size; I can fit my whole year of planning in here, and leave it home. I rarely blog on the go anymore, but I still have a “blog” section in my Personal size for brainstorming and notes.


The above is a list of sections in a work binder I’ve had great intentions of setting up for ages now that still hasn’t materialized. Hmmm…


And a few of my favorite quotes- the one on the bottom is great and I really should take a look at it more often!


Happy Monday, ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Mondays with OperaGirl- March 10, 2014

  1. Thanks for a great post!
    For a long time I’d decided that I was a one-Filo person & came to the conclusion that I too just couldn’t fit everything in my personal Malden. It was a relief to start fully using an A5 as well for the extra storage space & I find the paper size so much better for planning projects 🙂

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