Fave Things- Target “Sparkle Dots”

For those of you that know my love of things sparkly, you are also aware that I use Sparkle Dots by Sticko for most of my appointments. I discovered these while at Target a while back, in the kids party planning section:


Do you recognize them? They are the stick-on earrings for girls that you can buy at Target- they are only 99 cents for a ton! I keep them in the little pocket on my 365 Organizer divider.


And here they are showing a couple of performances I have coming up:


Don’t they look great? Unlike the sparkle dots, these come in different shapes as well as colors, so are a bright spot of color on my pages.


Here is another shape:


Looking for some cute, cheap stickers?
Check these out from Target the next time you’re there!

Happy Organizing!


Tags by Design- Week & Month Review

I hear a lot from other Filofax users out there how important they feel their Weekly and Monthly reviews are. For reminding themselves of their goals, for prioritizing their time and schedules and just keeping track of how life is going. I would really like to get into the habit of doing this, even if there isn’t much to do on a weekly basis, I would still like to make a conscious choice to keep up on my important goals and projects for 2014. Soooo…
I designed a new reminder tag for both of those!


I printed out a tag for each one-


Week & Month


I cut them out-


And stuck them in-


Here is the whole page:


And Month on a page as well:


So, if you’d like to join me this year on the goal of attempting to remember and prioritize doing weekly and/or monthly reviews, then design your own tags and let’s get goal-setting!

Happy Organizing.

Quick Tip- Encouragement Page

This stamp made me laugh the other day:


I am often in the middle of a busy day, checking off items on my to-do list and all of a sudden someone will come to mind. I get an email. I see a Facebook Status.
And I’m reminded that I would really like to do something to encourage that person-
write a card, send a small gift, buy them something.
Either way, I came up with this page to have a place to write down those names
and the special thing I want to do for them.


It’s nothing fancy, but I like that it’s there, reminding me to
treat others as I would like to be treated myself.

Oh, and no fruitcakes. 🙂

Happy Organizing.

Sticky Notes- Kitchen Notes

A wonderful store I’ve been to many times in NYC is called Paper Source- I believe they have them all over. Their products are top quality, beautifully designed and displayed and you can find all kinds of unique and fun products. The last time I was in?

These were calling my name:


This year, one of my goals is to re-create many of the meals Mr. W and I enjoy when we go out to eat… I’d like to be able to cook these “favorite dishes” at home so we can a) save some moo-lah, and b) make it exactly the way we like it in the comfort of our own home! (aka- OperaGirl in her jammies 🙂 ) I think these adorable notes will come in handy with my new menu planner and reminders to track down all those new ingredients!


Opened, this is what you see. A plethora of options, sizes, colors and illustrations! Enjoy the close-ups.







Isn’t that cake stand the cutest?!


Happy Cooking!


My Week- March 17-23

Here is a look at my week!


Loving the green for March that matches all my great Shamrock Stickers!


Bill is due, a weekly TV Tag for review (there will be a separate post about those) a couple of performances, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day!


I think this card is so pretty- it is metallic green, which you can’t see very well in the picture, and came in a pack of all other colors of metallics. Here is the page with it flipped up (I just used a piece of Washi tape to attach it):


Another Bill, two more shows and a sparkly shamrock.

Happy Organizing!

Weekly To-Do List- Clucking Chickens

This weeks list is brought to you by Mrs. Grossman and her backyard hens. I don’t know why I think these stickers are so cute, but I do!


Fun, huh?! I used a neutral paper, since i wanted the chickens to stand out.


I thought the sticky paper looked a bit like a fence… which totally goes with chickens. 🙂
And the final product:


Keep on clucking!

Happy List-Making.


Stickers- Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I thought in honor of the holiday (and the fact that I’m one quarter Irish!) I would share my collection of Shamrock stickers with you. They have been kind of hard to find, but thanks to Hobby Lobby and Target I’ve managed to scrounge together a decent collection. Here are my epoxy ones:


Loving the polka dots! Epoxy stickers are my favorite kind- I love the texture, the raised shiny surface and think they make even the simplest of stickers look cute. 🙂 Next up, shiny!


These ones are fantastic since there is some metallic gold and SO many different sizes- they look great in my Filfax! Finally, the best ones of all; GLITTER!


Thank you Hobby Lobby! Love the sparkle.


Here’s hoping you are wearing something green and enjoying your St. Paddy’s Day!

Happy Organizing.