Quick Tip- Home Projects

I have numerous things around the house that I want to _someday_ accomplish. But when those days come along where I have a little free time (remember that day, OperaGirl, back in February 2011?!) I often can’t remember that household chore that needs doing.
You know;
the bathroom drawers need re-organizing,
you can’t actually get out a roll of wrapping paper from the closet,
you swear there are FORTY-SEVEN different cords leading from the wall to the TV area….
you get the idea.
So when these things pop into your mind and you don’t have the time to get right on that, make one of these: a Home Projects list.


The trick here is to make an area on the page for each part of your house- whatever that looks like for you. Then, simply add the “thing” that needs doing to that room.
So on that day when you have time to say, re-organize all the scarves that aren’t allowing the coat closet to shut all the way, you’ll have a reminder that that has been driving you crazy for the last 2 months every time you go to get a scarf. šŸ™‚

Happy Organizing.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip- Home Projects

  1. Love this idea! We keep a list of projects organized by area of the house on the fridge, but that is more “fix-it” than organizational projects, which tend to take a back seat until they drive us nutso.

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