Office- My Work Section, Part 3/3

This post is nowhere near as involved as the last couple have been! Just wrapping things up, and couple of ideas for those of you who AREN’T opera singers. 🙂

I decided that having a paper print out of all my travel info in my Filofax is the way to go. I fly a LOT these days and find it’s been simpler to just handle it as soon as my agent sends me my travel document- usually a PDF.
I don’t have to worry about internet access, my phone battery, the right key word from the right email, or fishing around in my bag for random bits of paper.
It’s all. Right. There. Here’s what I do:


It probably looks way too small and complicated for you, but it works. I simply re-size the PDF document, crop it, and fit it to a Personal size page (I use 3.25 x 6.5 to leave a border for holes and cutting). And I check off the trips as I take them so I know right where to go to find my airline, confirmation #, times and dates. Simple!

The only other thing I have in this section is a “stick-in” of our insurance information- it was actually a tip from our insurance agent, which I thought was brilliant. I made it really small, printed it out, cut it, laminated it, and stuck it into the back of the section so its just THERE if and when I need it. Clever.


And that’s my Work Section! Thanks so much for joining me. I hope this has been clear enough and that you might get a great idea about things you can plan long in advance by taking just a couple hours to brainstorm a system that works for you. Maybe it’s changing out your holiday/seasonal decor in the house. Maybe it’s monthly routines, weekly reminders, or meal planning.

Happy Organizing!



7 thoughts on “Office- My Work Section, Part 3/3

  1. These are great ideas! I am thoroughly enjoying making my own tags & laminating lists as per your tutorials. It’s also really cool “knowing” a real live opera singer!

  2. Hi there.
    I studied singing and piano as a student and have been a music teacher for many years. I have done a lot of solo oratorio work as a mezzo, and koved doing that for many years.My voice was never the same after contracting glandular fever in my late 30s and subsequently getting ME and going deaf from it. Nasty dose.I loved my singing though….. and hugely miss it….so it is just great to read of somebody who has lived the dream and made it a career full time. It never paid all the bills adequately as a single person. so being a teacher as well as was more realistic. Luckily I worked in some great schools and if I had to take an unpaid Friday off, to rehearse with an orchestra for a Saturday oratorio solo, the deal was that it was okay, as long as the school was mentioned in my programme blurb. Great deal!!! Would love to hear more of your concert life. Feel free to join me as a Facebook friend….if you are on FB…. I am Jane McCourt . I’d simply love to hear of your concert life … and what you are tackling. My singing teacher was Constance Mullay, who was taught by Roy Henderson, Kathleen Ferrier’s teacher. Take care and keep filoing….. and remember…. never sing louder than lovely!!! xxxxxxx

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