Quick Tip- Home Projects

I have numerous things around the house that I want to _someday_ accomplish. But when those days come along where I have a little free time (remember that day, OperaGirl, back in February 2011?!) I often can’t remember that household chore that needs doing.
You know;
the bathroom drawers need re-organizing,
you can’t actually get out a roll of wrapping paper from the closet,
you swear there are FORTY-SEVEN different cords leading from the wall to the TV area….
you get the idea.
So when these things pop into your mind and you don’t have the time to get right on that, make one of these: a Home Projects list.


The trick here is to make an area on the page for each part of your house- whatever that looks like for you. Then, simply add the “thing” that needs doing to that room.
So on that day when you have time to say, re-organize all the scarves that aren’t allowing the coat closet to shut all the way, you’ll have a reminder that that has been driving you crazy for the last 2 months every time you go to get a scarf. 🙂

Happy Organizing.


Weekly To-Do List- Gold-Edged Hearts

The stickers for this weeks’ list were sent to me in a swap from an Instagram friend of mine (thank you, Katherine!) and I LOVE them.


I love the sparkly. I love the variety. And I love how many there are and that they are so small. Fun stuff!



I chose some paper and since these are gold edged, I added some gold glitter ribbon.


Pretty! I realize that these holes look strange… I cut this paper myself from a neon pack of paper so there were already holes in it. But I didn’t want those holes. Ha!

And finally stickers:


Pretty Hearts!!


Happy List-Making.


Sticky Notes- English Tea Time

I-mark has done it again! Every time I find something by this company, I fall in love with the design and variety. Look for more fun things by them to come! (thank you Etsy for feeding my addiction…)

Here are the Tea Time Sticky Notes:


So. Adorable!
Here is one stuck into my Filofax- I can’t wait to use these more.


I also love how small they are- they don’t take up much room in a
Personal size, but add loads of cuteness!

Happy Organizing


Rainbow- My Tabs

I love Rainbow (hence this series on all things pertaining to Rainbows and Filofaxing) and couldn’t imagine doing my sections in any other way- I’m just going to brighten your day with these pics of my sections and how I color code each part of my life to part of the Rainbow.


I re-purposed my a-z address tabs into my section dividers; they are great dividers, sturdy tabs, uniform sizing and spacing, and I need this many of them for my life! “Today” is in Red:


I’m not much of a Red person (except at Christmas!) but I really like the impact this color has at the front of my planning pages.


And a close-up- I think these may need a refresh…

Happy Organizing.

Office- My Work Section, Part 3/3

This post is nowhere near as involved as the last couple have been! Just wrapping things up, and couple of ideas for those of you who AREN’T opera singers. 🙂

I decided that having a paper print out of all my travel info in my Filofax is the way to go. I fly a LOT these days and find it’s been simpler to just handle it as soon as my agent sends me my travel document- usually a PDF.
I don’t have to worry about internet access, my phone battery, the right key word from the right email, or fishing around in my bag for random bits of paper.
It’s all. Right. There. Here’s what I do:


It probably looks way too small and complicated for you, but it works. I simply re-size the PDF document, crop it, and fit it to a Personal size page (I use 3.25 x 6.5 to leave a border for holes and cutting). And I check off the trips as I take them so I know right where to go to find my airline, confirmation #, times and dates. Simple!

The only other thing I have in this section is a “stick-in” of our insurance information- it was actually a tip from our insurance agent, which I thought was brilliant. I made it really small, printed it out, cut it, laminated it, and stuck it into the back of the section so its just THERE if and when I need it. Clever.


And that’s my Work Section! Thanks so much for joining me. I hope this has been clear enough and that you might get a great idea about things you can plan long in advance by taking just a couple hours to brainstorm a system that works for you. Maybe it’s changing out your holiday/seasonal decor in the house. Maybe it’s monthly routines, weekly reminders, or meal planning.

Happy Organizing!


Office- My Work Section, Part 2/3

Welcome back to Day 2 of my 3-part Work Section post. Let’s jump right in.

Planning my learning is huge part of my Filofax being functional. I have a semi-complicated system, but it totally works for me. I’ve designed pages of learning charts, this one is for shorter, smaller works- like song cycles, arias, or Oratorio pieces:


I assign each part of the piece a “Tab”- if it’s a song cycle, like one of these, then each song is the section title. Then, each page within a section gets it’s own box on the chart. This way, I check off pages as they’re learned- oftentimes singers know the beginning of a piece better than the end because they always START their learning at the beginning. Makes sense, right? But not when you already know the first two pages- start on page 3! This way I can focus my learning time on the pages of music I know that I DON’T know and need the most work.


Above is my learning chart* for Handel’s “Messiah” (in tabs) and then below is Libby Larsen’s “Try Me, Good King” cycle that I’m working on for a recital next year. The song titles are the “tabs” in that case. And once again, if you’ll notice, the color pen I use for these charts corresponds to the overview stick-in, the learning chart AND (you knew it was coming!) the color of highlighter I use in my actual score.
You already knew I was a nerd. 🙂

*I also have a full-page version of this for opera roles- they often times range in over 200 pages of music to learn, and I need more tabs & more boxes for pages!

The other page I’m showing you today is my brainstorming page. I use this for planning Concerts, Recitals, and just general thinking about repertoire that is all grouped together in the same performance.
I didn’t design this page- although I probably should do one!- I just cut down a “Project” page that I found somewhere to fit my Personal Filofax.


And decorated it!

That’s all for today.

Happy Organizing.


Office- My Work Section, Part 1/3

In addition to using my Filofax for personal and family related information, I also use it for work. I had a request to discuss some of the things I make & use in my Filofax that help me do my job and seeing as it’s a HUGE part of how I keep organized, prepared & motivated, I’m going to try and oblige!

This section will be divided into three posts this week and there is a LOT of information and I think it’ll make more sense if I separate it into smaller pieces. 🙂
So bear with me.

The first thing you see in my Work Section is a list of all the upcoming jobs I have scheduled. This (of course) does not include things that come up at the last minute, which is often, but the things that I need to be aware of for long-term planning- like learning & memorizing 200+ pages of music in a foreign language for rehearsals starting 4 months from now.


I realize the font is small, but the dates aren’t really important for you- it’s just an overview for me to know where I am and what’s coming next. I also print out other versions of this for my family so they have an overview of where I’ll be when! It gets confusing sometimes. Also- and this is important!- each gig or job has a color assigned to it. This becomes really important later.

The next thing I see are new for me: I’ve just changed my audition arias and I have made a very clear list of what I now offer. Underneath is a great quote I found that I love… Inspiring.


This next chart might look REEEALLY unclear to others, but I’ll try and explain how it works for me: it is my practice schedule for the next six months.
Look confusing?! Stay with me!


I design the calendar very small to fit loads of weeks. Each “star” is my personal deadline for memory/preparation. I then (using the color-coding system for each role/job) I track back for as many weeks or months that I think I’m going to need to be learning and memorizing a draw a colored line through those days. Once this is done, I don’t have to worry about spending enough time practicing for jobs- I just have to look at the date for each day, and it will tell me what I need to be working on. Simple!


The final page I’m showing you today is brand new to me. I’m trying to have more of a presence on social media for my new professional website and I designed this six-month calendar with all my scheduled posts. I’ve planned to post three days a week starting in Jan, 2014 and have already gone through what jobs are coming up next, brainstormed all sorts of ideas, and then varied the posts throughout the next 1/2 of this year. So I don’t have to come up with something creative on the days I’m supposed to post something: I just follow the idea I have set for that day and they will be relevant to what I’m working on (according to my schedule!), varied enough to be interesting, and covering all different mediums of networking. Whew!


Thanks for sticking with me for Post 1 in this series- hope some of this has helped someone out there. 🙂

Happy Organizing!