Holiday Ideas- Making your Own Tags

Happy New Year!
Well… almost. A little late. 🙂

I’ve giving you a peek at the couple of days that led up to 2014! For the rest of our lives it will probably be the busiest week of the year… And I’m ok with that. So many wonderful things!


Looks busy, right!? Not so bad once we hit the 30th-
which was our Anniversary!


But another thing I love about this page is that I decided to make my own Tags for Holidays a while back… It’s really fun to design my own reminder for all these days. And I think they all turned out so cute!


Valentine’s Day has a great little banner I added…


And a few other random ones…

IMG_7057 IMG_7053

Fun, right?! Just see my tags tutorial here to find out how to create your own and then happy creating!

I hope you are enjoying 2014. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Holiday Ideas- Making your Own Tags

    • Wendy, I use small (mini) sized envelopes to store them in, and all those envelopes are in a small drawer. I stick one of the tags on the outside so I know what tags are being stored inside. That way they can all be pre-cut and yet don’t get mixed all together! And they stay flat. Hope this helps! 🙂

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