Sticky Notes- London, Squared!

I love collecting new sticky notes, as I’m sure most of you out there know by now… There are just new things every place I go into these days! In this instance, Mr. W and I were in London for a week and I happened upon these LONDON THEMED stickies IN London, which I thought was very fitting. đŸ™‚ I got them at Paperchase, an incredible paper goods store in the UK that I miss terribly from the days I lived there. But we have plenty of goodies in the US too- I’m not complaining!

Here they are:


There are four different styles- all of them related, but unique.


Double Decker bus…


Big Ben and Parliament…


The Thames skyline…


And the guard!

These are so great. I love that they are small enough to fit well into my personal sized Filofax, but large enough to get a decent amount of info onto.


I see the irony of posting a note about San Francisco on a London-themed note! But that’s my life…


Thank you London for the London Treat!

Happy Organizing.



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