Introducing…. Lavender Metropol

So, I’d like you to meet another of my friends.


I got this beautiful lady in a trade as well as most of my Filofax Family. I really didn’t think I’d love it as much as I do, but with all the bright colors that I put inside it (and the incredible genius person at Filofax that came up with the idea of using GREEN thread for the stitching!) I’m in love! So different that most of the rest of the loud colors I own, and so nice…


Open in front- doesn’t that green just POP!?


That card is a free printable from Miss Tina’s Project life cards. I laminated it (covered it in packing tape!) and stuck it on my Dashboard. *happy sigh*


Notes, bits & bobs…


With my back pen loop in the back.


LOVE the back pocket for all those random things I find myself needing!


I’m a huge fan of the snap-clasp… don’t think I will ever own a Domino because of the elastic. I know it would annoy me…


Isn’t she lovely?!

Happy Organizing.



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