My Week- January 28-February 2, 2014

Here is a look at my pages for this week. 🙂


The first half of the week consists of not a lot- which is wonderful.


And second half?


Basically just a review of my Month, and a couple of my other tags like a FB photo change and Groundhog Day.


Happy Organizing.



Weekly To-Do List- Chocolate Treats

This week we are back to some great Dollar Store finds- I LOVE the look of all these chocolate treats. And I love chocolate!


I chose some paper and washi… went with a silver chevron patter and some blue to match all the desserts.


And then added the treats!


I think I need to go find a piece of cake… mmmmmm….

Happy List-Making!


Pens, Pens, Pens- Ultra Gels from Target

I bought these pens when I was enjoying all the back-to-school supplies back in September; and even though I bought them on a whim, I am pleasantly surprised by how great they are.


There’s not much to say about the colors- they are pretty basic and with the exception of the Lime Green they are write very smoothly… They are a little fat to fit in most of my pen loops, but I’ve been tucking them into the elastic extra loop I have in the back and they do fine. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive fine tipped set of Gel pens, these are a decent option.


Happy Organizing.

Holiday Ideas- Making your Own Tags

Happy New Year!
Well… almost. A little late. 🙂

I’ve giving you a peek at the couple of days that led up to 2014! For the rest of our lives it will probably be the busiest week of the year… And I’m ok with that. So many wonderful things!


Looks busy, right!? Not so bad once we hit the 30th-
which was our Anniversary!


But another thing I love about this page is that I decided to make my own Tags for Holidays a while back… It’s really fun to design my own reminder for all these days. And I think they all turned out so cute!


Valentine’s Day has a great little banner I added…


And a few other random ones…

IMG_7057 IMG_7053

Fun, right?! Just see my tags tutorial here to find out how to create your own and then happy creating!

I hope you are enjoying 2014. 🙂



Quote of the Week- Pouring out Blessing

I’ve been trying to not worry, lately. As in, there is so much to do, so little time to do it all and I’m not sure how all the “rest” is going to get done. Anyone else out there that can relate?!
Please- I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’ll be honest: I’ve had moments in the last couple months
when I was literally begging God for help. I had nothing more to give.
And you know what? The Lord gave me this verse:


I’ve been finding that when I stop thinking about myself; MY problems, MY stress, MY to-do list everything is better. When I stop thinking about the “what’s lacking” in my life and focus on the “what’s IN” my life- there is so much blessing in it.

All I know I’ve learned is that you can’t out-give God. I’m encouraged that when I just do my best with what’s right in front of me, He takes care of the rest. And I end up with more than I ever thought… More peace. More contentment. More of the really Good Stuff.
And more recognition that all this blessing has nothing to do with me.


“Test me in this,” says the

Lord Almighty,

 “and see if I will not throw open the

floodgates of Heaven and pour out

so much blessing that there will not

be enough room to store it.”

Malachi 3:10b

Blessings on you all.

To-Do List- Ladylike Bugs

So the stickers that inspired this weeks list are lady bugs….but not in the traditional “black & red” ladybug way. So I’ve deemed them Ladylike Bugs. Their colors are so much sweeter and girlier!


Aren’t they soooo cute?! I chose washi and paper:


Those adorable Ladies also called for some gold glitter tape!


So here they are, keeping each other company till they’re given a list.

Happy Organizing!