Washi- Paper Printables

In keeping with this little mini-series on Washi, another form that I use OFTEN is printing out cute things and then sticking them into my Filofax. While technically this isn’t “Washi” in the traditional sense, it’s still a decorative stick-in and a very cost effective way to get cute things you otherwise wouldn’t use. And you can create your own! I got these digital washi tapes from a free online download last month during Thanksgiving time:


Of course, they’ve been cut out already in the this pic. I then lined them up on the table how I wanted them to look when pasted into my Filo:


And then I stuck them in!


Looking so cute- and you can do this with any print, any size, for any reason.


Here is the other little guy with one of my Thanksgiving Snoopy stickers:


You can layer two for this look! This is a new idea even to me, and I’m hoping to use it a lot more when I need a color or pattern that I don’t have in an “actual” washi tape.

Happy Washi-ing. 🙂


So fun!


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