Sticky Notes- Mustaches & Glasses

As I’m aware many of you already know (via my avid following of fellow Filofax and stationary lovers’ Instagram feeds) Post-it brand has started bringing out some new and very different post-its. And I’ve found some! Here are the Mustache and Glasses notes- they were on clearance at Staples. I’m looking forward to using them!


Grey sticky notes are quite unusual, but these don’t look boring and “grey” as they are a shape of something that might be this color! I like them. Here they are stuck into my Filofax:


And a close-up:

Let it Snow, indeed! I’m on the countdown to getting home for Christmas, and can’t wait.

Happy Organizing.



One thought on “Sticky Notes- Mustaches & Glasses

  1. A while back I got an email from post-it brand about their new offerings. I mentioned it in a blog post as well, but have yet to find any of the styles. I’ll definitely be on the look out when I’m next in staples!

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