Holiday Ideas- Christmas To-Do Stick-in Lists

It’s Christmas time!!! I know, you’re excited too. Right?!!?

A few weeks ago I went to Michael’s to see what they had as far as Christmas inspiration, and of course I was rewarded by finding this beauty:


Doesn’t all that traditional Red & Green just make you sooooo happy?!
Sigh. It does me. And, there are loads of sparkly pages in this set- I’m also going to be making my own Christmas gift tags from this paper, which I really enjoy doing.

Here is a close-up of the name:


“Checking it Twice”

And here is the magical page I discovered within this marvelous stack of papers…


What’s a girl to do? Why, make notes to stick in to my Filofax, of course! I cut them all up following the lines on the page until I had these;


I’m guessing these are roughly the size of Project Life cards- I don’t know exactly because I don’t “do” PL, but for those of you who do this set might be a nice addition to your holiday options. Or, for Filofaxers, you can do what I am going to show you!

The supplies to pretty up these very simple cards:


Washi, Stickers (this photo only shows some, not all), and some fun glitter tape with a design. This is my favorite one by Recollections- its a fancy scrollwork pattern and comes in all kinds of colors. I chose Gold & Silver for this.



Loving my Christmas Washi!

About a half hour later I came up with these lovelies- enjoy!



Love & Christmas


Believe & Ho Ho Ho


Jolly & Noel


Wish List & Merry


Peace & Traditions


I am looking forward to jotting down notes during the next week on these guys and being reminded of so many wonderful things about Christmas… and the sparkle and color doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Happy Christmas List-Making!



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