Holiday Ideas- Christmas Washi, 2013

I’ve become increasingly thankful that craft stores have started producing more washi options for reasonable prices… especially as Christmas is approaching and it’s my favorite time of year! I’ve seen so many cute options for Christmas and the ones I’m about to share with you are no exceptions! Some I got on Etsy & some I got at Michael’s. Enjoy these shots!

The whole pile… for now. 🙂


Christmas Trees (Michael’s)


Red Stripe (Etsy) & Red & Green Dots (Michael’s)


Green Mistletoe (Etsy)


Red & Green Stripe (Etsy) & Red & Green Snowflakes (Etsy)


Here is a bit in my calendar:


I’m so excited! And here is some Christmas Paper that I found…
can you guess what I’ll be doing with this?


Why, making some Christmas stick-in lists, of course!
Check back soon for more Christmas fun for your Filofax.

Happy Christmas-prepping!



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