Introducing- Blue Finsbury

I’d like you to meet the newest member of my Filofax Family: The Personal Blue Finsbury. And I love it! I have the yellow and raspberry and am a huge fan of the Finsbury model of Filofax. I love that it holds it’s shape (the Malden, while I love the feel of the leather, is a little floppy for me.), I love the grain of the leather, and I’m a huge fan of the set-up of the pockets. I would eventually like to have all the colors! (Mr W, don’t panic, no plans to purchase more at this point…) šŸ™‚ AND I got this in a trade- I had a Kingfisher Blue Metropol, but just didn’t gel with it…


Hellooooooo…… šŸ™‚


Open, I’m planning to use this during January. Can’t wait to fill her up!



So many pockets/card slots in the Finsbury. I use them all..


Back, inside.


The back. You can see the slight aquamarine color in this photo… It’s hard to capture the exact color of some of these binders. They change a bit depending on the lighting! I’ll get her all fixed up and post a pic.

Happy Organizing.



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