Happy New Year! 21 Questions, 2013

Hello everyone!

It’s New Year’s Eve and I, for one, am incredibly excited about what 2014 is going to offer. Yay for change! I know not everyone feels the same way about change. But sometimes, even if it’s hard and even if you can’t “see around the next bend” it’s a great time to make changes for the better. One of the sayings in our house (quoting my Grandfather, who was a very wise man) is,

“There is never any harm in re-evaluating your position
to see if you can do better.”

The great thing about this is there are TWO possibilities:

1- You can’t do any better; the way things are is the best possible choice/scenario/option.
2- You can do better. So figure out what needs to happen in order for that to be the case and get on it!

When Mr. W and I got married I had been holding onto a list of questions that I had come into possession of through various sources. I knew I wanted to answer them and apply them to my life, and then it hit me: the start of a new year is a GREAT time to re-evaluate and these questions help you do just that! We have made a commitment to answering them every year, together, and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped us focus on our goals and check where we’re at with things we “said we were going to do”… and then just didn’t.

Sooo… I’m offering you all a free download of these questions. There are 21 of them- and they are heavy going! If you’re going to do it right, give yourself a lot of time to answer them seriously and purposefully. Write down your answers- trust me, it’s amazing to look back later and see what you accomplished and how you can tweak things! It’s in 3 different colors- Lime, Pink & Purple.

21 Questions- Lime

21 Questions- Pink

21 Questions- Purple

Please let me know about your new goals,
hopes & dreams for 2014!

Happy New Year!


Washi- Animal Prints

Todays washi show-and-tell is the traditional rice paper washi tape;
tearable, re-usable and slightly transparent.

I’m showing you my new Animal Print washi!


They are awfully fun and I got them for a steal.
Don’t you think the red nails are matching these?! Lol.
The brand of tape is “Little B” and I found these in a random store in NYC. Sorry!
I have Zebra, Cheetah, Leopard and Snakeskin.

Here is a bit in my Filo…


I thought the Cheetah kind of went with my Thanksgiving scheme… this was taken in November.


I’m sure these will be visited frequently in the New Year.

Happy Organizing!


Washi- Paper Printables

In keeping with this little mini-series on Washi, another form that I use OFTEN is printing out cute things and then sticking them into my Filofax. While technically this isn’t “Washi” in the traditional sense, it’s still a decorative stick-in and a very cost effective way to get cute things you otherwise wouldn’t use. And you can create your own! I got these digital washi tapes from a free online download last month during Thanksgiving time:


Of course, they’ve been cut out already in the this pic. I then lined them up on the table how I wanted them to look when pasted into my Filo:


And then I stuck them in!


Looking so cute- and you can do this with any print, any size, for any reason.


Here is the other little guy with one of my Thanksgiving Snoopy stickers:


You can layer two for this look! This is a new idea even to me, and I’m hoping to use it a lot more when I need a color or pattern that I don’t have in an “actual” washi tape.

Happy Washi-ing. 🙂


So fun!

Washi- Glitter Tape

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I’m trying a new series these days (well, relatively new…) to introduce you to some of the washi I’m using. The next few days will be the “kinds” of washi I use in my Filofax: and being as it’s Christmas Eve, we’re starting with the Christmas version of glitter tape!

I found these at Michael’s in the Christmas section and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I’ve so enjoyed looking at this bit of sparkle and pattern over the last month…


Soooooo pretty!



They look amazing on the roll and even better in my Filofax.

Here is the Gold Stripe:


I decided to cut them in half length-wise to make the strips thinner and chose patterns (there were about 8 total!) that I knew would look good doing this. I wanted thinner pieces…

The Red & Silver Dot:


And the Snowflakes!


Merry Christmas!


Sticky Notes- Mustaches & Glasses

As I’m aware many of you already know (via my avid following of fellow Filofax and stationary lovers’ Instagram feeds) Post-it brand has started bringing out some new and very different post-its. And I’ve found some! Here are the Mustache and Glasses notes- they were on clearance at Staples. I’m looking forward to using them!


Grey sticky notes are quite unusual, but these don’t look boring and “grey” as they are a shape of something that might be this color! I like them. Here they are stuck into my Filofax:


And a close-up:

Let it Snow, indeed! I’m on the countdown to getting home for Christmas, and can’t wait.

Happy Organizing.


Holiday Ideas- Christmas To-Do Stick-in Lists

It’s Christmas time!!! I know, you’re excited too. Right?!!?

A few weeks ago I went to Michael’s to see what they had as far as Christmas inspiration, and of course I was rewarded by finding this beauty:


Doesn’t all that traditional Red & Green just make you sooooo happy?!
Sigh. It does me. And, there are loads of sparkly pages in this set- I’m also going to be making my own Christmas gift tags from this paper, which I really enjoy doing.

Here is a close-up of the name:


“Checking it Twice”

And here is the magical page I discovered within this marvelous stack of papers…


What’s a girl to do? Why, make notes to stick in to my Filofax, of course! I cut them all up following the lines on the page until I had these;


I’m guessing these are roughly the size of Project Life cards- I don’t know exactly because I don’t “do” PL, but for those of you who do this set might be a nice addition to your holiday options. Or, for Filofaxers, you can do what I am going to show you!

The supplies to pretty up these very simple cards:


Washi, Stickers (this photo only shows some, not all), and some fun glitter tape with a design. This is my favorite one by Recollections- its a fancy scrollwork pattern and comes in all kinds of colors. I chose Gold & Silver for this.



Loving my Christmas Washi!

About a half hour later I came up with these lovelies- enjoy!



Love & Christmas


Believe & Ho Ho Ho


Jolly & Noel


Wish List & Merry


Peace & Traditions


I am looking forward to jotting down notes during the next week on these guys and being reminded of so many wonderful things about Christmas… and the sparkle and color doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Happy Christmas List-Making!


Holiday Ideas- Christmas Dashboards

While enjoying myself in the aisles of Michaels I found this adorable pad of Christmas card stock and knew it would be perfect for my Christmas projects this year:


I’m more traditional than modern or “new” (at least when it comes to my love of all things Christmas- themed) so this was perfect for me. And had plenty of pages with sparkle! I chose the ones I wanted to use and cut them to size:


Trace and cut

IMG_7114 IMG_7115

And you have two perfectly sized dashboards! Just punch a stick in.


I covered them in laminate (packing tape!) before punching, helps with sticking things on and off and durability.


And there you have it! Two new Christmas dashboards (although I’m thinking I could use that red polka-dot one for Valentine’s or 4th of July as well…)

Happy Organizing!