Washi- Thrifty Traveling Tape

In my ongoing quest to take as much of my “fun” stuff with me while on the road for work (fun= things I would want to buy while away, but am drowning in at home in my office) I have seen loads of people come up with travel solutions for their washi.
So I am not the first.

But I did still think that you would enjoy seeing the washi I’m currently traveling with, and how I came up with a Thrifty way to get it out the door in a contained and organized fashion!

I see these cards everywhere I go now… Coffee, food, restaurants, bars- heck, even the library and post office have random things like these. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.


Expired gift cards. Old store cards. Or (don’t tell anyone!) a cute card that you see that they are letting people take for free. And these are a few of the ones I had lying around…


Aforementioned adorable new seasonal washi tape:


Still loving the Candy Corns…


And leaves……. and footballs….. 🙂

And here they are transferred over. I tried to go by theme, but wanted to get the most real estate out of each card.


Christmas, as I’m away till December!


All the new rolls that I’m packing in my suitcase/Filofax these days:


Happy Organizing!



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