Introducing… Ochre Malden

Ok… So I know there are some of you that will almost be saddened by the gloriousness of the pictures in this post. I apologize for that… 🙂 Seriously, I got this Malden because I finally saw one in person, and I just couldn’t believe how lovely it was. Without further ado… Here she is!


So nice…

Here is my open front:


Obviously, these pictures were taken in October when I had all my Halloween stuff set up in it. It’s now set up for November, which you can see here in another post.


Stickers, washi, notes… Love all the pockets and I especially like the long pocket with the zip on top- it comes in really handy for those longer bits.


Dashboard side- the long, pointed strap does annoy me a bit when I’m trying to write, but it’s great that it’s so long for stuffing things in there.


Here is my clear flyleaf (Halloween again!) and it looks so great with the brown of the Malden.


In the very back I have a clear page that I stuck one of my pen holders in. It sticks out so far so the pen sits outside of all my pages.


I think this is my favorite feature of the Malden- the TWO pockets in the back. I use the vertical one for my sparkle dots, which fit perfectly…


And the other inside one I haven’t put anything in yet. Probably some stickers. 🙂


And the back:


So there she is, in all her glory! I’m really loving it and it’s been a great color and fit for Autumn.


Happy Organizing.



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