Thrifty Filofaxing- Clear Pockets

Who doesn’t love having “extra” room in their Filofax to store random things? I used them for stamps, washi tape, stickers, and various other things I find myself needing or using on a daily basis.

Enter the genius (and thrifty version!) of Filofax pocket pages.

Now, I’m certainly not the first person in the Filofax world to have come up with this idea. That said, everyone has their own individual way of creating an envelope/pocket that they use in they planner and this is just the way I do it; partly because it’s using materials I have on hand. And partly because this is the most useable version of an evelope/pocket for me.

I started with a clear pocket in A5 size. I like the idea of using the thin plastic because it also means that the bulk of the thickness of the pocket will be from the stuff I cram inside it– not the material the pocket itself is made out of.  Just my personal preference.


Grab yourself a ruler, a permanent pen and some scissors. Using a template (I’m using my dashboard in this photo) trace the outline of the size of pocket you want, making sure one side is the “closed” (sealed) side of the pocket:


Then cut! This is tricky as this plastic is slippery from being so thin. Be careful when cutting- make sure it’s as straight as you can get it, but it doesn’t have to be perfect:


And if you messed up a bit, no worries! We are now going to cover the “open” edge of the pocket with washi tape and also using the template, punch your holes!


And that’s it! Now you have a fantastic, thin, disposable, usable, accessible and FREE pocket for all kinds of goodies:


Happy Organizing!



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