Tags Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’ve had a couple requests for a “how to” on my strategy for designing Tags and using them in my Filofax. So without further ado, here we go!

*Warning! Picture heavy post!- and I apologize for the quality of some of the images- I was on the road!*

First, I decide the Tag I need. In this case, I wanted to create a reminder for myself about the new series I’ve started here on the blog: “Mondays with OperaGirl”.


So I needed to design something to stick in on Mondays in my planning pages. I open a Word Document.


I type out the text I need.


Then, in the columns list I create more than one column so I can get loads of these tags on a page. I also center the text at this point within the column. I chose three, but I’ve done up to 7!


Then, I choose a fun font. In this case the Font is called “AlwaysHereToo”.



Cute, right?!


Next, I create a shape; I like a rectangle with rounded edges. It looks more clean to me- makes things a little trickier when cutting them out, but I don’t mind.


You have to select the formatting panel and choose for the shape to sit “behind text” otherwise you can’t format it around your text.



Now it sits around my text!
Grab the edges and create the shape you want. I also chose to have my text centered within the column here, it makes it easier to format the shape around the text.


Next- change the color!
I am very visually oriented, so use different colors in my Filofax (like many of you out there!) to cue my brain into what it’s looking at immediately. If you don’t like the palette options Word gives you, select “more colors”.


And you get this! Choose colors for the shading of the inside (fill) and the outline of the shape. I usually go with a dark shade for the outline and a lighter shade for the inside.


Here is the inside filled…


And now the outside. I then adjust the shape of my rectangle to fit more snugly against the words.


At this point, you’ve created your tag! Now I multiply them on the page to print out as many as I think I’ll want/need. Choose “select all” or on a mac “command+a” and the entire creation will highlight. Then “copy” or “command+c”.


Now, you will replace your cursor right below the tag and paste in the copy you just made over and over again until you get this:



And you’ve done it! Print, cut out, and paste in. And you have this:


Looks pretty neat! Here she is at the top of the first half of my week:


So there you have it. Good luck creating your own tags! I have loads, and create new ones every time I think of something that I need a regular reminder for: changing my contact lenses, the picture on my facebook page, Birthdays, holidays, Seahawks games (see above!), and anything else you can think of.

Happy Organizing.



5 thoughts on “Tags Tutorial

  1. Yay!!! I love your tags. I’ve spent time trying to figure out how to do them. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Love ur blog!!

  2. I’ve just come across your blog and LOVE the idea of tags! I use my planner pages a little differently in that I don’t write anything on the days until the morning of that day – to keep everything fresh in my mind that I want to accomplish that day. I love the idea of tags for things like birthdays, tv shows I want to watch and blank notes, just to pretty things up a bit! Thanks so much, adding your blog to my reading list!!

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