Thrifty Filofaxing- Fancy Paperclips

There are all kinds of clips out there now for stationary lovers. And Filofax users! While I can’t say that I use them all that often, I wanted to make a few of my own with some of the stashes of paperclips and ribbon that I had on hand. I know I’m not the first person out there to try this, but these are my versions and I thought you might like to see them!

Here is the original clip with ribbon that I made into my pattern- to figure out how they made the ribbon stick out so cute like that!


I found a whole bunch of large paper clips in my stash (I think some found their way to my desk via Mr. W’s stuff) and I could see immediately what I wanted to do!


Scissors, ribbon and my glue gun…


Here are some Halloween/Autumn colored ones:

ย IMG_5134

…here are a few “anytime” color combos:


…And these guys are for Christmas time! I’m excited to put them to use. ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Organizing!



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