Books, Books and more Books.

I looooooove to read.

In fact, I would say my reading hopes, dreams and ambitions for myself far outweigh the actual time I have to devote to reading. Which is a shame really… what every happened to not being a grown-up and doing the responsible thing- instead, choosing to lose yourself in a great story for days on end?!.. lol

But, I do have a book list. Well, a “hope I get to read this someday” list and it’s in my Filofax. In all it’s colored and rainbow glory:


I also have a Book Club list:


And I realized it’s hard for me to feel inspired to start a new book without seeing the cover. I know, I know- don’t judge a book by it’s cover- but that’s not what happens in my brain. In MY brain I can remember why I wanted to read the book in the first place when I see a picture of the cover. It must have something to do with thinking in color or being such a visually-oriented person. Anyway, I came up with this solution to looking for my next reading companion:


These are all covers of books from my list, shrunk down to fit onto this page. And they are all removeable as I have a moleskin “Book Journal” where I keep a log of what I’ve read and a stick-in of the cover so I can remember. And it looks neat. 🙂


See? Little book “stickers”. So now, when I’m looking for a book to read OR have finished one I can check these pages and feel inspired to read something on my iPad.


Look at all that lovely reading time to be had…

Happy Organizing… and Reading!



20 thoughts on “Books, Books and more Books.

  1. Love the idea! I read SO many, though, I’d be taking those cute little book cover stickers in and out several times a day! I’ve been wanting to keep some record of the books I read and their synopses but haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea! I’ve been toying with the idea of making a section in my A5 dedicated to my love of reading, but I have the same book journal Moleskin that you mentioned in your post and I would find this a bit redundant. I do love the way it looks, however! How did you make the little book cover stickers?

  3. Is the sticker paper repositionable then? You have them here to remind you to read them, then when you do, you remove the sticker and add it to your did read list? Love it! What sticker paper do you use?

      • Thanks! I think I just might do this with sticker paper … I can leave the sheets whole and then just cut and stick when I’ve read it. A fun and colorful way to keep track of books we read. Love it!

  4. I must be an idiot! I don’t understand how the “stickers” stick to the page and allow you to peel them up and place in the moleskin journal. What kind of adhesive did you use for this?

  5. Just came across this post and love it! I’m one who when she can see the cover of the book am more inclined to read it! I am curious as to how many covers you normally fit onto one sheet in a word doc?

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  9. Thanks..couldn’t find any pins or nice stuff related to reading journal..atlast found ur blog! Helped alot..❤️

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