Pens: Stabilo Point 88

What Filofax user and stationary lover do you know of that doesn’t LOVE a new set of pens! Not me. Getting to travel a lot for work means that I can pick up different things from different places that I would normally have a really hard time tracking down.

For example, the Stabilo Point 88 pens. They are pretty standard pens in Germany, where I purchased them at a drugstore. I figured, when in Rome, eh?!


They came with a cool plastic case that I’ve now gotten rid of as I purchased as many colors as I could find (you’ve got to have a complete set, right?!) and not all of them would fit in the case. So I got rid of it. Here they are all lined up…




I did a test of each color on some notebook paper. These aren’t the actual names of the colors, but I like naming things so bear with me. You get the idea…


Aren’t they nice? The pen itself feels very lightweight and the nib seems very strong. I like the color of the pen too- it’s like a “pencil” with the yellow and white stripes, but is a fine tipped pen.

So here they are in their new place of honor in my JetPens case. If you find a set, they are a great buy!


Happy Organizing.



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