One of my Favorite Things… JDC Monthly

One of the things I look forward to every month is getting to change it up for the next month. Each month holds a special holiday, time of year, or color that I associate with it and it’s always exciting as the seasons come and go how my mood for things changes. I’m also aware that we are long past July but these printables are so cute I know you’ll understand. Check out the link below for a more current monthly selection…

In keeping with a monthly “change-up” I am subscribed to the monthly designs of one of my FAVORITE and (in my opinion) most beautiful blogs out there- Jones Design Company. And Emily is from the Pacific Northwest, like me! Her style is so elegant and clean and I’m always inspired by her simple yet classic approach to just about everything. AND she is a fabulous designer of a set of monthly printables that I happily receive each month and print out to use at home.

*Here is a link to her Home Page:

The only problem for me was size- she sends everything out in full-size pages, and being a Personal Filofax user, I need smaller paper! What’s a girl to do??…. re-size them, of course! This month, I think I’ve finally figured out how to best use these lovely papers- and in a size that works for me!

*Warning! Picture heavy post!*

She does an art print, or some other kind of useful, original print-out for each collection.

Here was July:


Don’t you just LOVE those strawberries?!

Calendar & Grocery List (this list is waaaay too cute for just groceries… I used it as a note page for whatever!)

jdc2 jdc5

More notes- hers are officially “Note Cards” if you want to print them on cardstock and send them in the mail.


A Chores list:


And here is some of the collection all sized down for use in my Filofax- I’m so excited!


Check out this months collection at the Jones Design Company blog:

Happy Organizing!



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