Holiday Ideas- Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I thought I’d share some of the ways I decorate my Filofax for the holidays, and since today is Halloween I’m sharing my decor for that!

First, I have a to-go card with some of my current favorite seasonal washi on it. This comes in so handy when I’m making a small list (with some of those cute pieces of paper you see in the photo!) that I can just stick in on my clear flyleaf (a pic of that in a moment):


So fun! I especially love the football and candy corn ones. Then, next to  these pockets is my dashboard. I love changing out the paper depending on what binder I’m using and what the season is. This black sparkly paper is perfect for the Halloween subway art I found on Pinterest! I “laminated” (using packing tape!) and stuck in on with Elmer.


So cute!
Next is my Halloween flyleaf page. I design these myself and there is a tutorial here  if you’d like to do one of your own.  And the first photos of the set below here if you’d like to see.


It’s clear (again, packing tape!) so I can stick on notes and other random bits of paper that would otherwise be floating around on my desk. You’re looking at the list for A Bowl Full Of Lemons’ October photo-a-day challenge on Instagram. I’m doing it! (OperaGirlUSA on Instagram, if you’d like to follow me)

I also have printed out and cut some cute banners from Etsy:


And stickers. You always have to have stickers!


Last, but certainly not least, are my sparkle dots. I use them for appointments, and wouldn’t you know- they have a “Halloween” themed pack! I love the colors and it’s so nice not to be using pastels in October… 🙂


So that’s my Halloween-y Filofax. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Happy Halloween. 🙂


Thrifty Filofaxing- Fancy Paperclips

There are all kinds of clips out there now for stationary lovers. And Filofax users! While I can’t say that I use them all that often, I wanted to make a few of my own with some of the stashes of paperclips and ribbon that I had on hand. I know I’m not the first person out there to try this, but these are my versions and I thought you might like to see them!

Here is the original clip with ribbon that I made into my pattern- to figure out how they made the ribbon stick out so cute like that!


I found a whole bunch of large paper clips in my stash (I think some found their way to my desk via Mr. W’s stuff) and I could see immediately what I wanted to do!


Scissors, ribbon and my glue gun…


Here are some Halloween/Autumn colored ones:


…here are a few “anytime” color combos:


…And these guys are for Christmas time! I’m excited to put them to use. 🙂


Happy Organizing!


To-Do List- Autumn Themed, Part 2

Here are the rest of the To-Do lists from my Autumn 2013 collection- sounds like a designer label. 🙂

I had so much fun making these and am already excited for Christmas Lists!

Enjoy the photos.

Witches Hats on White with Black Glitter Tape and Orange Chevron Washi


Owls & Pumpkins on Green with Black & White thin Washi


Witches Feet on White with Lime Green Glitter Tape & Purple stripe Washi


Epoxy Leaves on White with printed leaves; also with Yellow circle Washi


Orange Pumpkins printed with a quote on White with Green Swirl Glitter Tape and Orange Chevron Washi


Happy Organizing!


My Week- October 21-27

How is it October already?! This week doesn’t look so bad…


And did you notice that the green Washi is no longer at the top?! That means I’m HOME and not away anymore. So happy. 🙂


Another Hair Appt and meeting, Bible Study, message to a friend, and Birthday present shopping.


A couple of other reminders and a cute Halloween sticker, but other than that not much going on. So nice!

Happy Organizing.


Bills, Bills, Bills

I used to be terrible about paying things on time. I mean TERRIBLE. When I got married, the wonderful Mr. W taught me that there is a way to stay sane and caught up on paying bills. And as I got more comfortable putting my entire brain into my Filofax I knew I needed to come up with a system that was right in front of me every time I opened to a day and saw what needed to be done. So, without further ado I’m going to explain what works for me. Hopefully this might help someone else with keeping up on bills!

First, I needed a way to remind myself. So I designed Bill Tags that I then laminated (I used packing tape and then cut out around it) Here is the Bill Tag:


I left room on the left of the tag to add the date of the month and the name of the bill. I used a separate little sticky label (that I cut to size) and stuck that on top of the laminate so if I want to change it out for another bill sometime, I have that option.

Here is a bill stuck into my Filofax:


I paid it, so I pull it off the day:


And then using Elmer (Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner) I stick it onto the 10th of next month:


It is now ready and waiting for me to see when I get to the 10th of the next month, and I will then remove it and move it ahead another month.

The final thing I do is check that bill off my chart for each month that I keep in the “Bills” section of my Filo- it’s colorful and seems massive, but it works for me. I can see at a glance what bills have been paid for each month:


And that’s it! Bills get paid, our lights stay on, etc, and I feel organized and in control in a cute and fun way.

Happy Organizing!


Mondays with OperaGirl, October 21

Good Morning, Lovely readers! I’m glad you stopped by.
Today is a hit-the-ground-running, too-many-things-on-the-list, is-it-Friday-yet kind of week… but I’m still taking the time to say hello and remind you to pause today and be thankful for the small stuff.

Like me- I’m home! Granted, I’ll be on the road again this time next week, but it’s so nice to wake up to the cool fog and crisp air and bright colored leaves each morning. Here is out my windows…


Yes, our back yard slopes. 🙂


The front yard- you can’t even see across the field! Love it.

I’m enjoying my Keurig machine again at home- we have a re-usable basket instead of purchasing all those K-cups and not only has it saved us a ton of money on our coffee addiction, but it brews an awesome cup of Joe.


Planning and Coffee. Does it get better than that?!

I’m loving this new bag from my sister- she and I often “trade” things when we’re tired of them, and then trade back when we’re done. How great is the apple green of this purse- especially with my new Ochre Malden!


Halloween Candy is in a huge bowl in the house- there is waaaaay too much there for the anticipated 5 or so Trick-or-Treaters we will be getting. Oh darn…. 🙂


And here is what I’ll be working on for most of today- my prep for the next gig.
Loads of German to memorize.
Drowning in consonants…
But getting there!


That’s all from me today.
Take a moment, be thankful that you are starting a fresh week.

Happy Monday.


Books, Books and more Books.

I looooooove to read.

In fact, I would say my reading hopes, dreams and ambitions for myself far outweigh the actual time I have to devote to reading. Which is a shame really… what every happened to not being a grown-up and doing the responsible thing- instead, choosing to lose yourself in a great story for days on end?!.. lol

But, I do have a book list. Well, a “hope I get to read this someday” list and it’s in my Filofax. In all it’s colored and rainbow glory:


I also have a Book Club list:


And I realized it’s hard for me to feel inspired to start a new book without seeing the cover. I know, I know- don’t judge a book by it’s cover- but that’s not what happens in my brain. In MY brain I can remember why I wanted to read the book in the first place when I see a picture of the cover. It must have something to do with thinking in color or being such a visually-oriented person. Anyway, I came up with this solution to looking for my next reading companion:


These are all covers of books from my list, shrunk down to fit onto this page. And they are all removeable as I have a moleskin “Book Journal” where I keep a log of what I’ve read and a stick-in of the cover so I can remember. And it looks neat. 🙂


See? Little book “stickers”. So now, when I’m looking for a book to read OR have finished one I can check these pages and feel inspired to read something on my iPad.


Look at all that lovely reading time to be had…

Happy Organizing… and Reading!