Mondays with OperaGirl

I have to admit it: Monday is my favorite day of the week.

I know, I know- you all think I’m nuts! But I really do love them. After the “relaxing” of the weekend is over (where we find more often than not the weekend is just as busy, if not busier than the week!) I can face a totally fresh week with a renewed spirit and sense of productivity and motivation. I can only liken Mondays to pulling out a fresh sheet of Filofax paper (or whatever kind of paper you like to write on) to start a new list… mmmmmmm… There’s something so refreshing about making a clean start, and that, dear readers, is what Mondays are to me. 🙂

I’m hoping to start some more regular posts on Mondays to inspire you all.

On this particular Monday I’m feeling awfully thankful for the life I have and for the small things. Some of which I’m going to share with you here and now! Like this photo from Instagram today- love these colors together and they look so happy sitting in a row on my desk:


Don’t they?! They’ve been messed up a bit since…


But that’s ok. See my fun “list” on that cute piece of fall paper? Loving all my Autumn things. I also found a new pen case at Primark, one of the European shops I miss now that I live in the states. Dirt cheap stuff (in every sense of the word!) but sometimes you find a gem. Like this new pen case:


Isn’t it fantastic?! Black, Sparkly, holds loads of pens and was so affordable.


I have piles of music waiting to be learned today…


Clearly, I’m not feeling the practice time as I’m writing this post instead of doing that. Or working out. I’ll get there!

Here is my Filofax goodies “storage” while we’re away.

I’m not loving it… I miss my desk!


Can you spot the Primark bag, also being used to house goodies! Sheesh.

Miss Osterley (still haven’t managed to figure out what I’m going to do about naming all my Filos. I can’t decide.) is storing FAR too many to-dos on her lovely list page today… sigh.



But all that to say; I’m still happy it’s Monday. And I’m healthy, doing a job I love in a lovely city with my Beloved after having vacation together last week in another lovely city.

Mondays aren’t so bad, people! So for a moment today, at some point, sit and take a moment to be thankful that you get another fresh week with a clean start.


See you soon!

Happy Monday. 🙂



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